Relocating with Your Pet to Another Country

Moving abroad with pets can be quite challenging for both you and your pet. That is why it is extremely important to carefully plan the moving process and focus on every step. In the article, you will find recommendations from professionals that will simplify moving pets overseas and make it less stressful. You also can get professional assistance from the best movers from Orange County to San Francisco following

Talk to Your Vet

A visit to the veterinarian is a mandatory item of the plan before moving overseas with pets. First of all, the doctor will examine your pet and be able to tell if there are any risks for them due to the long trip and flight according to the peculiarities of their health (young, elderly, anxious, and sick animals are generally not recommended to be transported in the luggage compartment).

Additionally, your vet will help to prepare the pet for the travel. Most often, veterinarians prescribe pets harmless sedative medication.

Also, it is important for the vet to check the vaccinations list and make the missing vaccinations for your pet if necessary. Do not forget to ask your vet about any special requirements set by the country you are going to move to. In addition to the pet’s certificates, you should ask your veterinarian for a copy of their complete medical records. To avoid the hassle of finding a new doctor in a new place, you should also get a few months’ supply of any prescribed medications. This will help you to look for a new vet calmly without worrying about the pet.

Work with a Pet Relocation Service

Usually, the process of transporting pets overseas includes a lot of nuances, so it is absolutely normal if you are nervous and afraid to lose sight of something. If you feel that you need some help you can get professional assistance from pet shipping and relocation services.

The best organizations for your consideration are:

·       PetRelocation

·       International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

·       Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

These companies can help you with every step of the moving process from checking compliance with all pet import regulations to arranging travel for your pet. They can even provide the service of accompanying your pet through customs and filling out customs and other paperwork.

When checking the certification of pet relocation services make sure that the company has a USDA certificate (their employees undergo background checks and drug tests). To avoid scams, it is better not to cooperate with companies with advertising on marketplaces like Craigslist or those which require payments provided with Western Union. To choose a trustworthy organization get familiar with customer reviews posted on reliable platforms.

Also, remember that it is not a necessity to hire a specialized company for moving internationally with pets and not worry if you cannot afford it. The solution is to hire a team of professionals from one of the best moving companies Los Angeles to San Francisco who will ensure the perfect shipping of all your belongings and safe transportation for your pet.

Call Your Airline

Be sure to call the airline you are flying with and find out about their options and policies regarding international travel with pets. All airlines have their own rules that may not match the requirements of the country you are flying to. You need to ask managers the size of the crate or carrier, as well as what you and your pet have to bring with you. Separately discuss the conditions of the pet’s flight with you in the cabin.

Also, find out what to do in case of a flight delay if your pet is flying in the luggage compartment, where your pet is supposed to be during a layover, and what to do if your pet is mistakenly transferred to another flight.


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