Sudden loss of employment can disorient you and slowly send you into depression. Many workers have to contend with sudden loss of employment from time to time. The Walthew Law Firm experts have a cushioning package to help its clients cope with loss of employment due to injury, disease or disability. The reality of losing a source of livelihood not only costs you sleep but could be an indication that you are slowly getting depressed.

  • Feelings of hopelessness

The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are a sign of depression. You feel trapped and at times blame yourself for being jobless. You feel that nothing will ever get better.

  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed

Hobbies, social activities, sex and other interests that would give you pleasure and a feeling of relaxation no longer appeal to you.

  • Sleep disorders

You stay awake at night and sleep for a few hours, interrupted sleep or oversleep. This makes you feel overly tired or even fatigued.

  • Irritability

You become edgy, restless, violent and react at the slightest provocation. Everything gets on your nerves and your temper short.

  • Body weight Changes

The loss or gain of up to 5% of your body weight per month leading to weight loss or weight gain.

  • Increased anxiety

Signs of increased anxiety include: trouble concentrating on any other thing than your sudden loss of job, your breathing becomes rapid and even your blood pressure readings shoot higher than is normal, restlessness and nervousness and increased heart rate.

  • Engaging in irresponsible behavior

You engage in reckless habits such as excessive taking of alcohol, gambling, doing drugs, dangerous driving and other such behavior.

  • Lack of focus

Inability to concentrate on a particular task to the end, indecisiveness and being overly forgetful are indications that you have problems focusing.

  • Entertaining suicidal thoughts

You feel trapped in your problems and find life meaningless .Death seem to be the only way out of your situation.

  • Unexplained illnesses

Joint pains, back pains, headaches that do not trace to any particular disease.


Just like losing a loved one, losing a job can cause you grief. Here is how you can get your life worth living all over again.

  • Take time to adjust 

A number of things have changed and you need time to get used to the new life. Among these things are: change of your daily routine, loss of your identity relationships e.g. colleagues and work place, professional identity, sense of security and of course loss of a regular income.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to get over them.

  • View your situation as a little setback in life

The greatest people in the world,failed several times but deliberately saw their situations as temporary and a chance to re-invent themselves. You too can use this mantra.

  • Write down your strengths and opportunities

List down all the things you like about yourself, asking your family and friends to help you could help you see yourself through their eyes. With this list, explore other areas so you can create a job and be on your feet again.



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