Parenting in a Scary World

Turning on the news every day is always a risk. If the latest political figure isn’t making a mess of the world, then there are plenty of stories about murder and violence to terrify you. As a new parent, how do you deal with this crushingly scary world and make it shine for your baby?

Check Your Area

A new baby brings a brand new spectrum of things to worry about. What you once took for granted, like your 20-foot balcony and the speeding highway by your neighborhood, are now magnified as hazard zones. Worse, you now have concerns like sex offenders and kidnappers. Before bringing Junior home from the hospital, run an address search on your home or surrounding area. Having a full report on crime rates and other data about your community might put your mind at ease.

Know the Facts

You hear about it every day: school shootings, bombings in movie theatres and drug-fueled fights. The world is a violent place…isn’t it? Social media can be thanked for the outpouring of terrible stories. Since the world is so connected, it seems like violence is at a peak in the United States. In reality, the opposite is true. Crime rates are dropping and the country is getting safer. Take a breath; it’s getting better. Remind yourself that it’s not all honeybees and puppy dogs, but the world is not as bad as you thought.

Remember Mr. Rogers

As Mr. Fred Rogers famously told the world, you will always see people helping in times of crisis. If there is an emergency or something bad happens, be one of those helpers. Show your child that sometimes it’s good to take action and not always wait for someone else to step in. Let them see that they can be a positive change in a scary situation.

Watch Your Language

Even though you’re scared and have plenty to worry about, remember the saying that little rabbits have big ears. Even when they are very small, kids soak up everything going on around them. Keeping your language (both verbal and physical) calm will reassure your little ones in a scary situation. Be positive during these moments, reassuring kids that they’re okay and that everyone is safe. Showing panic will have the same effect on your children, who look to you for comfort. It’s true that you can only change what you can change. With that in mind, make your corner of the world a little brighter for your child.



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