Roles and Responsibilities of a Trial Attorney

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A glimpse into the responsibilities your trial attorney has when dealing with your case.

Many of us wonder what role your trial attorney actually takes. Should we ever happen to need one, that is. A trial attorney has the role of escorting us while we go through the process of going to trial.

Let’s find out what else they do to make the court process easier on us. 

What Role does a Trial Attorney Play?

A trial attorney escorts you through the trial stages, from start to finish. They are there to argue your case in legal terms, and to help you understand the extent of the law. They can be court appointed in cases where you cannot afford to hire one, but you get what you pay for in this regard. Court appointed trial attorney’s often have a book full of clients and little time to spare on your case.

A Trial attorney will speak on your behalf in legal matters, particularly if speaking on your own is going to get you into more trouble. They will be with you every step of the way and will even present arguments on your behalf and await the decision with you.

What are the Responsibilities of a Trial Attorney?

If you have a need of a trial attorney but don’t know where to find one, Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys could help. They describe the responsibilities of a trial attorney as the following…

They don’t arrange your defense

A trial attorney and a defense attorney are two different types of lawyer. Most cases can be solved without ever having to go to trial, so your defense lawyer can take charge of your case without ever going to court.

When you do have to go to court, however, it is time for your defense attorney to liaise with your trial attorney, so that they can come up with a plan to aggressively defend you. If you are given a public defender, on the other hand, they are likely to take on both roles. 

The role requires research

The days your average trial lawyer spends actively in court are limited. They will go over and above the call of duty for each client, which means heavily researching the case, the files, and the witness statements. They will contact witnesses for clarity, they will analyze all angles of the case, and they will talk to everyone involved. 

…And Paperwork

One of the more boring aspects of the responsibilities of your trial lawyer is their need to file paperwork with the relevant courts, judges, or services, on your behalf. Documentation is how the court system works. If your trial lawyer is skilled in this area, they will serve you well.

The Trial Attorney in Court

Of course, your trial attorney will spend hours in court fighting over small things that don’t require your presence. They will present and argue motions, they might be picking out jurors, they may be making schedules with other parties or otherwise are fighting your case in your absence.

The important thing is that your trial attorney has your best interests at heart. They will be working hard on your behalf to solve your courtroom issues. If they aren’t? Then you know who to call.


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