How to Upgrade your car Audio System and Speakers

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The truth about car audio systems is that only a few cars come with flawless stereos, while the majority of them have quite average sound systems installed in them which always ask for improvement. Whether you are up for your daily office routine or en route a road trip, poor sound system will ruin the ride and your favorite music instead of becoming food for soul will cause your ear sore.

Though factory-made audio systems and speakers aren’t of good quality, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them. In fact, upgrading your car’s stereo system isn’t much difficult; neither it will cost you thousands of bucks, nor you will have to ruin your car’s clean OEM look for the sake of it. For many people, one of the most important aspects of any car stereo setup is the bass, at MusicCritic you can find reviews of several cars’ speakers including size, power, and their enclosure casings so you can choose how much air pumping or sonic bass boom can suit your preference. Here are few easy to execute upgrades which will instantly improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system.

Building an audio system, one step at a time:

First, weigh up your car’s stereo system and find out its weakest part; whether it’s volume or lack of bass that’s lacking quality? This will aid you in formulating the plan of action; you can upgrade your sound system in stages and there is no need or requirement of the all-at-once proposition. Upgrading in steps will also be easy on your wallet. There is no ideal plan or approach to get all this done, check the following steps and carry them out in the sequence that’s more suitable for you.

 New Head Unit:

The vital part of car’s audio system is its head unit which is usually known as the car stereo; it holds significant importance because it is behind sending signals to the speakers and an improved head unit means better sound. Besides sending signals, the head unit is known for performing several other functions like providing GPS navigation, equipped with Bluetooth technology (which is very practical for hands-free calling) and is supportive towards secondary devices like cell phones, iPod, microSD card, flash drive and plays music from them. Determine which features you want in your upgraded head unit and then find a car stereo accordingly.

New Speakers:

The new head unit which you installed will give more power to the speakers and make them sound better but if you don’t have issues with the factory receiver, then there is no need to upgrade it and you can straight go to speakers and upgrade them.

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Speakers are the output channels of the car’s audio system, and when it’s about upgrading any vehicle’s audio system, they come first on the list. Upgraded speakers are kind of essential if you want to enjoy the clear and crisp sound.

There are two types of car speakers available in the market; full-range speakers and component speakers. Full-range speakers which are also known as coaxial speakers have a tweeter on the woofer, whereas component speakers have separate woofer and tweeter. Check the best car speakers here and find out which one fulfills your car’s demands and pick it up.

While picking up speakers for your car, make sure they match the OEM hole of your car otherwise it’ll be really difficult to install them.


After upgrading speakers, it’s time to amplify the music. An amplifier will boost the sound signals which are coming from the head unit towards speakers and enhance their power. Because of the augmented power, speakers will work to their full potential and will provide you crisp notes of the music to listen.

Usually, two types of amplifiers are available in the market; mono-channel amplifier and multi-channel amplifier. Mono-channel amplifier, as evident from its name, will enhance signals for one speaker whereas multi-channel amplifier has the ability to boost signals for maximum 6 speakers.

It is advised that if you are upgrading your car’s audio system, then for extra flexibility and for future expansion, buy a multi-channel amplifier and make sure that the amplifier matches the speaker load of the system.

Some extra bass:

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Whether you are a basshead or not, added depth to your favorite music will never hurt. A subwoofer is essential to enhance the low-frequency bass thump of the music and produce a crisp clear sound. Different sizes of subwoofers are available in the market but for beginners who are upgrading their car’s stereo, two 8-inch subwoofers or one 12-inch subwoofer will be sufficient. For a seamless and awesome sound experience, make sure that your subs match the amps and for this you can take help from several online guides which put you on right track in your amps and subs’ combination.

Once you shortlisted the required items and bought them, it’s time to install them in your car. For doing the customization yourself, it’s advisable to put up a protective gear and be aware of the electric power around. It’s better to take professional help to avoid any damage to your car, yourself or to the newly bought equipment.

Once your car’s audio system is upgraded, you are free to ride and enjoy the music like never before. So, whether you are planning a family trip or daring to ride on one of the most dangerous roads of the world, keep your stereo system upgraded as the trip backed by your favorite music will become more memorable.





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