Understanding who is liable for personal injuries and legal options

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Personal injury is legally defined as bodily harm, loss of function of body parts or organs, and under the laws, if these injuries cause the victim to lose income, suffer pain, or decreased capacity to earn and perform daily exercises, the loss can be compensable. Mostly, personal injury claims are handled by the insurer of the liable party. However, strong and determined representation is always necessary during the conversations with the other party. The victim should ensure he/she has sufficient understanding of how the process works and what are the entitlements.

Understanding liability with examples

Most common mistakes that are being made whilst claiming compensation are the wrong evaluation of the process. Someone else cannot be liable for the claimant’s injuries which occurred from an action that obviously involves risk. Such as suing your neighbor for falling and breaking your ankle whilst roller-skating on an icy surface in the shared parking lot which they usually park their vehicle. These claims are being evaluated by taking other reasonable citizens’ actions as reference.

On the other hand, we all share some legal duties that we should obey to provide a safe environment for all of us. The similar duty applies to restaurant owners, medical centers and other public places such as parking lots or barbershops. The duty of care is the obligation of service providers to serve their customers in good condition. Which means, the business place should be kept away from any dangers, maintained perfectly at all times and the product being served to the customer should be in good condition. As an example, edibles have expiration dates that should be put in the trash once exceeded. Serving such food to a customer can result in intestinal diseases which can even lead to severe health conditions. In this case, the business can be sued for being negligent as providing harmless food is their legal duty.

Burn injuries in public places

Examples of these injuries in public places can be given with numerous examples. One of the most obvious cases of negligence in public places is harming other’s whilst performing flame shows in restaurants. With the increasing usage of social media and the internet, some businesses wanted to take this as an advantage to market their products with unusual shows. With this, it is getting easier to witness how such unnecessary shows that are made to attract customers concluding in adverse situations. At the same time, visitors of similar places might be in the opinion that the business is liable for any harm they have taken. The businesses duty is to take necessary care and give an effort to prevent such situations. 

As an example, in a restaurant where hot beverages are being served, the businesses duty is to keep these beverages in good condition to prevent food poisoning, keep the restaurant maintained so that accidents won’t happen and resolve problems that can be hazardous. In this situation, the customer is expected to act reasonably with the hot drink that is served to them just as a reasonable person would. As long as the customer is warned and aware that the beverage is hot, it is now an obvious fact that the customer can sustain burn injuries if he/she acts irresponsibly with the beverage.

From the legal perspective, the business representatives have done their parts by warning the customer that the beverage is hot. Once the customer is notified, it is expected for him/her to take necessary care for his/her own wellbeing. Which means, on a similar occasion, the business has fulfilled its legal duty.


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