10 Most Dangerous Roads around the World.

The North Yungas Road, Bolivia: Also known as The Death Road, this 69 km road is extremely dangerous as the name suggests. What makes it so dangerous is its sharp turns around cliffs that are not secured by any barriers. The poor visibility because of the dense cloud cover also adds to the problems of the drivers. Despite these conditions, backpackers have become quite fascinated with this road and cycling has become a popular activity here. This is absolutely insane because of the notorious nature of the road which in some places is just 3 meters wide.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China: The name of the road has a very strong literal meaning which says ‘Road that tolerates no mistakes’. The start itself for this road in Taihang mountains was indeed tragic since several construction workers died while building it and the count continues even today. The road took as long as five years to complete and is in the form of a 1,200 meter long tunnel. This road was cut out of the side of the mountain and is replete with steep turns, tunnel twists and all kinds of horror. All this is perhaps enough to scare the wits out of anyone.

Route 5, Chile: The road looks quite harmless, however this national highway, Ruta 5, which crosses Chile’s Atacama Desert is known for recording a number of fatalities every year. One of the issues here is the strong winds, the intensity of which is so strong, that it can blow you off and push you down into the valley. But the actual cause of the accidents on this road is the illusion which this empty road creates, often catching the drivers off guard when they speed up and then face a disaster. The road is blessed with scenic beauty and you have to avoid getting distracted to avoid any accident.

The Stelvio Pass, Italy: The Stelvio Pass isn’t is located at a height of 9045 feet in the Eastern Alps. If you look at the picture of the road, you would feel an uncanny resemblance to a doodle. This 2.7km road which offers a breathtaking view is known to spell a lot of trouble for the drivers. The road is located in the Italian Alps and if you want to experience the tougher climb, then you can start from the Prato; however, if you do not want to take a risk, you can choose the Bormio side which is less riskier.

Fairy Meadows, Pakistan: This narrow 10 km road to Nanga Parbat in Pakistan is known for the breathtaking views that it offers. Although this is a hot spot for backpackers, the journey to this place is not at all easy. The backpackers and mountain climbers on their part have to entail a lot of risk in the form of the unstable gravel road. This narrow stretch is not guarded by any guardrails and gets too narrow towards the last section that you need to either cover on foot or on bicycle.

Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, Kenya: If you look at the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, you will see that it’s not the road or the weather which is the main culprit but the drivers. Most of the drivers drink and drive which is the cause of maximum number of deaths. Even without any hairpins, this road is dangerous because of the careless attitude of the drivers who also indulge in speeding, unsafe overtaking and others. To survive on this road, you just have to be a tad careful.

Trollstigen, Norway: Also known as‘ TheTroll Ladder’ is a very popular tourist attraction.  Known for its eleven hairpin which lead you to the steep mountain side, it has a large parking space at the top. The view here is stunning as you can leave your car at the parking place and go to the viewing balcony which overlooks the Add to dictionary waterfall.

James Dalton Highway,USA: Popularly known as the “Haul Road”, this ranks 3rd amongst the most dangerous highway in the world. The highway meanders around the steep mountains of the Brooks Range and is known for its potholes and strong winds capable of carrying small rocks. To ensure that there are lesser number of fatalities in the area, regular patrolling is done by a helicopter to protect both the tourists and professional drivers.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand: This beautiful road is located in New Zealand and has a very narrow path. The road has been cut between a cliff and took almost 22 years to finish. It becomes quite difficult for the vehicles to maneuver and pass each other because of the absence of guardrails. Luckily the number of fatalities here are low, but the margin of error here is so small that a special permit is required to traverse from this road.

Zoji Pass, India: This pass links Ladakh and Kashmir and is on the Indian National Highway 1D. This dirt road is dangerous because of the frequent landslides and absence of guard rails and traffic signs. Though it’s just 9 kilometers long, the Zoji pass is closed during the winters when it becomes impossible to cross it because of the snowdrifts.

Unless you have decided to have an adventure of a lifetime or put your life in jeopardy, these roads look beautiful only in pictures and videos.  Nevertheless, with proper training, you can embark on adventures like these. Brace yourselves, get some bike accessories and hit the road. OZCodes lists out great discounts & deals, offered by leading retailers, on bike accessories ultimately providing you the best experience at a reasonable cost.




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