See The World on a Mountaintop

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There are many ways to see the world. Some would suggest you go to the popular tourist spots at least once in your life to know what the buzz is all about. Some would say you choose the road less traveled for destinations in their purest forms. Some would tell you to immerse yourself with the locals and live the way they live.

Seeing the world in the same perspective as the others are one thing; seeing the world in a bird’s eye view is another.

A hiking vacation is a relatively new way to travel. Of course, many have done it before, but now, the logistics are made easier as travel agencies are offering curated packages to ensure people’s safety and comfort. Just imagine hiking in the Dolomites without worrying about the necessary paperwork.

Every destination is one of a kind. Experiencing nature is experiencing a country’s most natural form. This is why hiking should be a part of your itinerary whenever you travel. When you hike in a foreign place, it becomes a spiritual journey as it requires your mind to surrender to the serene environment. Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or with a group, following a trail will bring out a side of you that you will be proud to carry home.

Here is a guide on where to go on your next peaceful hiking trip abroad:

1.The Dolomite Alps (Italy)

There’s a reason why the Dolomites were mentioned in this article twice: it has everything. When you travel to this part of Italy, be ready to be bombarded by natural, historical, cultural, and culinary wonders. This place has everything you need to feel new again.

This place is for people who like doing outdoor activities while enjoying a bit of luxury when they travel. Here, you’ll get a picturesque view of emerald lakes, glacial valleys, and alpine meadows. And when the night envelops the scenery, you can find comfort in one of the independently owned four-star hotels. During lunchtime, you can experience having a picnic with a view before following the remnants of the tunnels built during the first World War.

2. The Basho Wayfarer (Japan)

Follow the ancient road trodden by the famous poet, Matsuo Basho. The famous poet from the Edo period mastered Japanese poetic forms: renga and haiku. He mainly wrote about nature, so just imagine witnessing what he saw. Who knows? It might release the poet in you.

This self-guided trail will take you from Sendai to Yamadera. Expect to visit the Matsushima Bay, a scenic island, Hiraizumi Temple, aUNESCO World Heritage Site, and Yamadera Temple, a shrine poised on a cliff. Within the 5-day trip, you can stay in a traditional ryokan and enjoy a moment in an onsen bath to soothe your tired muscle after days of hiking.

3. Armenia and The Silk Road

An 11-day trip might sound too long, but with one of the best walking trails in Europe, you’ll understand why you need to take your time and savor the view.

Expect to see the Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries protected by UNESCO as you pass through the limestone peaks and lush forests. If you are extra competitive with extra energy to spare, challenge yourself into hiking the country’s tallest mountain-the Aragats.


Whenever you crave for peace, remember that the mountains are calling for you. Heed their call.



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