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Why Your Company Should Get a VoIP

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Communication is crucial in every teamwork. In effect, collaboration becomes a vital element in keeping the company in its tip-top form. This is why small businesses are making sure that they have a working Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System at their disposal. Availing the system from https://lingo.com/business/voip/ allows businesses to have better access to communication, not only within the company but also with the customers.

When you think about keeping your business afloat, you tend to consider the cost-effective options for your company. It means improved efficiency at a lower price. A VoIP is the best example of that. Instead of using the traditional phone system, a VoIP allows its user to transmit the call through Wi-Fi, whenever and wherever, so the phone bill will not skyrocket into unpayable heights. The convenience extends to keeping the user’s personal number private while also disregarding the need for a second phone.

In this day and age, when working from home is the norm and being a digital nomad is the reality for many, it is not surprising to see the need for a reliable, accessible, and convenient communication systems. You can tell that businesses are truly dependent on VoIP because it’s market share is nearly crossing the $100 billion mark.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are the reasons why having a VoIP phone system will make it easier for your teams to fulfill their responsibilities:

  1. It has more features than the traditional phone system.

If you’re not well-versed in technological matters, and the internet is not explaining it in an easy manner, the most basic definition of VoIP is this: it allows you to make and receive calls using the internet. It’s pretty much like the corporate version of Facetime. It has services such as caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, conferencing, video calls, and call management. This is why startups and young entrepreneurs are integrating VoIP into their businesses.

2. The system is not exclusive to a single device per user.

For team members who constantly travel, and remote companies with home-based employees, having a VoIP system will keep everyone on the loop. It is very convenient because your employees can receive calls in any of their devices-from mobile to computer. The option to use a mobile phone allows its users to communicate even in crowded places like a public vehicles, sidewalks, and terminals.

3. It gives you the option to have your own personal receptionist.

Okay, it’s actually an auto-attendant, not a receptionist, but it takes on the same responsibilities without the need to rest. For 24 hours, seven days a week, the auto-attendant will help you route calls fast on the call flows you set. To increase the level of formality, you can upload personalized greetings to your auto-attendant, so it can deliver the most relevant information to callers.

4. The system can offer a toll-free plan to your business.

Customer service can make or break your customer’s loyalty towards your brand. When customers feel like they can contact you easily, and in return, you respond with the same level of urgency, you will surely have a repeat customer. This could be possible by providing a toll-free number where customers can contact you without extra cost on their part.

At first, availing a VoIP plan might appear as an additional cost for your company. Little by little, you will see how much you are saving because of it.



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