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I’ve recently found a really amazing product that I wanted to share with everyone. I thought it would fit into a lot of the categories we discuss here, mainly health, beauty, parenting and even lifestyle. I know that’s a pretty broad area but the product is just as unique as you would think.

As all moms know, once you have children you spend less time caring about yourself and more time caring about your children. I’ve found this tea company that sells all natural, non GMO tea blends out of Florida. They have everything from a relaxing tea, to an immune boosting tea, an energy tea and even a tea to help with post nursing baby weight loss. I say post nursing because the colon tea cleanse isn’t safe while pregnant or nursing and it is a main ingredient in the 30 Day Detox, which I highly recommend you try as soon as you can! This is the only tea blend they have that isn’t safe while pregnant or nursing though. But it really helps clear skin blemishes, reduce bloating, flush out toxins, boost the metabolism and raise energy levels.

I would have to say, if you are pregnant or nursing, to try the Profit, Relax or the Alive blend. They have a lot of information on these on the site – The Profit blend has goji berries, peppermint leaf, green tea and other light and tasty ingredients. The Relax has chamomile, lavender flower, valerian root and more soothing ingredients. Some blends do a have small amount of plant based caffeine. Around 30 mg, which compared to coffee is about ¼ a cup.

Teami Blends also has a few other unique products. Like the BPA free Tumbler bottles. It’s really convenient if you are always on the move but want to sip some tea. It has a strainer built in, it’s double walled to prevent breaking and it has a storage compartment on the bottom to bring extra tea, or even vitamins.

The main reason I wanted to share this is because, well I love their products but to also show that you can take a few minutes to care for yourself along with your family. No matter how busy you are, you will always have time for a good cup of tea.

I loved this so much I asked if there was something I could offer my readers to help; I have a code for 10% off the entire site, and they also have free US shipping. Go to and Use code – HELPMOM

There is also a UK site to order from –


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