Satellite For Internet Is Getting More Accessible

Many rural internet users are used to being stuck with the short end of the stick when it comes to connectivity and speed. It’s not really a surprise, since running hard wired infrastructure out to rural areas can be a big expense for providers. Still, after close to three decades of web development, you’d think the hardware that delivers it to your screen would be more prolific. That’s where satellite providers have been great for rural customers and others with unique needs. Many subscribers still criticize this option because it doesn’t come with the totally unlimited data that you get when you subscribe to some plans through cable and fiber networks, but more and more of those providers are moving away from unlimited data, and more and more satellite providers are able to put together competitive speed and data packages.

HughesNet for Unlimited Data

If you shop HughesNet plans, you will find that they are technically unlimited now when it comes to data consumption. The catch is that you don’t get it all at one speed. You can count on 25Mbps or greater speeds on every Gen 5 plan, but only up to your plan’s data limit. After that, instead of cutting off service or charging overages like old plans did, you’re switched over to a slower connection that will maintain your ability to send and receive emails, do business, and shop until your next billing cycle. Typically, these throttled speeds do make video streaming and online gameplay difficult, so you’ll want to pick a plan that suits you most months. For those working from home, though, it’s good to know you don’t have to worry about your costs running away from you if you have a data-heavy month.

Bundling Services to Save

HughesNet has begun offering voice services in their recent generations, which is a great option for those customers who want to ensure a phone connection no matter what the weather and the linemen have to say about it. When you use satellite for VoIP, you have the same connectivity as when you use it for the internet. That means as long as you can get online, you can get calls out. It’s a great backup to a cell phone too because it is also wireless but it doesn’t depend on the same network or kind of connection, so it is hard to disrupt and totally independent as a backup.

*Stay in touch with loved ones

*Save on cell phone life and data

*Ensure emergency connectivity

Equipment and Installation

If you’re a new customer, there are often deals available to help you get your equipment and get it installed. Depending on when you start service, you might even be able to come across a deal that provides you with all the equipment you need installed for no cost besides the ongoing leasing expense. At other times, you’ll find deals like cash back vouchers and discount services to help make the transition easier. If you’re switching from an older generation’s plan, those deals are usually off the table, but upgrading to the next generation still brings you a variety of benefits. You’ll get better data for your dollar, increased speeds, and generally better connectivity.

Great technology companies reinvest to continuously improve their products, and the plan offerings from HughesNet have reflected that over the past few years. That’s kept their speeds ahead of the pack, expanded their data packages, and introduced innovation like this feature to provide slower but still continuous service in the event of data overuse. Explore your options today and find out what a HughesNet plan can do to deliver you the high-speed internet you’ve wanted at the dream home you have.


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