Which Dating App is the Best for You?

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Dating online is the new normal. While our parents might not understand how it is that we date almost exclusively over the internet, we have become well versed in why and how it can be efficient and advantageous in our search for sex and love. It isn’t easy, but it is more efficient for a generation who is more comfortable in front of a screen than in a quiet room alone.

With so many apps and websites to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which is the best one for you. First, you’ll need to identify exactly what it is that you want from your app, or from the dating world in general. This will be fundamental in finding the right person to date and using the right medium to do so.


Tinder is a staple in the dating app world, as it was the first to really break the barrier into the mainstream (websites like Match and eHarmony were more involved, meant for desktop, and paid for services). Where Tinder gets a bad reputation for its users’ preference for casual sex, it also has irrevocably changed the way the dating game works.

Tinder has been credited with matching couples who go on to marry– 13.6% in fact, according to a study done by SimpleTexting. Though 23.7% reported not going on more than 1-2 dates with a match. Even so, Tinder is known for introducing users to a vastly larger pool of daters and allows them to easily eliminate or match with other users.

Interestingly enough, Tinder also connects the largest margin of interracial relationships than any other app, contributing to both interracial couplings and marriages. If you’re strictly into interracial dating there are sites especially for that, like Interracialdatingcentral.com.


For the feminist swiper, Bumble was made to give the women more power than other apps do. The Bumble layout allows only female users to make the first move, and gives them a brief 24-hour period to do so. If they choose not to start a conversation however, the match disappears. This prompts quick matches, and an even quicker mode of setting up potential dates. Most importantly, Bumble focuses on safety and comfortability, eliminating a significant amount of sexist approaches that women are met with on apps like Tinder.


Hinge is like a more prudent and fast OkCupid. Modeled after early dating websites like Match, OKCupid was designed for those who are looking for a serious relationship rather than just a hookup. OkCupid comes in desktop and app versions and includes more biographical and demographic information than some other, more easily built app profiles. Hinge takes this model and adapts it for the modern age.

Like Tinder, Hinge is also a favorite among the LGBTQ+ community.

Specialty Preferences

Other than these standard apps, the dating app realm also includes websites that match according to religious preference, sexual preference, and demographics (think Christian Mingle and J Date). If you’re looking for something specific, don’t worry, it’s out there.





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