Stop Stagnating! Build Your Skills and Earn Money Around Your Family

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Having kids is expensive, and most of us are on some kind of a budget. It’s made even harder by the fact that many of us can’t, or just don’t want to return to work full time while our children are small. In some cases, the childcare costs don’t justify it, and for others they’d prefer to raise their children themselves. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on your situation and preference. However, there are ways you can essentially get the best of both worlds, and still work and earn money when you have small children. Here are some ideas!

Work part time for a company

The most obvious solution for many people is working part time. If you’re in a position to return to your old company after maternity leave on a part time basis, this could be a more flexible way for you to continue earning money. While you will still have set hours that you’ll need to attend, it enables you to keep up your skills and have a paycheck coming in while still having time with your child. If you can’t, or don’t want to return to the company you were working for previously then you could search online for part time local jobs. Something that’s fairly easy, it might not be what you’d want to do as a career but could prevent you having large gaps in your employment history and you’d still get the opportunity to learn new skills- many of which could be transferable.

Work mobile

If you have a skill or qualification that allows you to work for yourself, then going mobile could be a great way to earn money. It could be anything from photography to cleaning to nursing, an online rn to bsn degree would open the door to the latter. As a self employed person, you get to choose the times that you work making it incredibly flexible- you can set your appointments and then attend the jobs you’ve booked in. It can easily be arranged around your children’s school and appointments and would get you out of the house earning money in a way that suits you.

Start a home Business

If you don’t have a car, or would prefer to earn money from home, then there are plenty of home business ideas you can earn fantastic money from these days. This is perfect for busy moms as it’s something you can do when your kids are napping, at school or just having quiet time in the evenings. You could start a baking business, baking occasion and celebration cakes. You could make money with gardening, either by propagating seedlings or growing edible or ornamental plants to sell. You could monetize a craft that you already enjoy such as sewing, jeweler or candle making. Or an old fail safe way of making profit would be buying items wholesale then selling them for a profit.


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