How to Install a Fish Finder? Tips and Tricks

To the uninitiated, installing a new fish finder on your boat can be pretty intimidating. But not to worry, with a little guidance, you should be able to finish your project in a day!

In this article, you will learn the basics of how to connect fish finder to the fuse box. We will be starting from the back of your boat to the front dashboard.

You will also be getting some professional tips and tricks to ensure that you optimize your fish finder’s performance.

Ready to catch more fish? Let’s begin!

Step #1: Prepare the materials

● Impact drill

● Wrench

● Zip tie cutter

● Wire cutters

● Marine sealant

● Anything else you need, depending on your boat’s make and model

Step #2: Unbox your unit

For a seamless installation process, make sure your fish finder unit has all the parts in the box, including:

● Owner’s manual/instructions

● Gimbal bracket

● Mounting plate

● Hardware bits (Phillips head screws, nuts with corresponding lock washers, etc.)

● Power cord and some gimbal knobs

● Fish finder transducer

Step #3: Assemble and attach your fish finder

Once you’ve determined you have all the materials and parts for your fish finder installation, it’s time to assemble your fish finder.


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