Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Figurine, “Mickey The True Original”, Limited Edition, Resin

When it comes down to celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary, there is no shortage on celebrating with a beautiful keepsake figurine.

Recently one of our favorite companies Precious Moments shared with us one of their most exciting, exquisite, figurines from their Mickey Mouse Collection called: Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Figurine, “Mickey The True Original”, Limited Edition, Resin

Standing 10.5H x 8W x 7D inches, this figurine includes seven Mickey figures. These cute, unique, figures are all standing along a spiral film reel, with Mickey in his classic red short and yellow shoes from top to bottom.

Disney Showcase figurine features that highlights Disney’s Mickey Mouse films in honor of Mickey’s 90th Anniversary on August 20, 2018. The cool thing about this beautiful collective item is each figure is hand painted and made of resin. It comes packaged in a sturdy box with styrofoam protection to make sure it arrives safely.

The packaging is branded with the “Disney Showcase Collection” label and the bottom of the figure features the “Mickey’s 90th” logo as well as the Precious Moments branding.

With a 360-degree design you’re surely be able to enjoy every angel of the : Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Figurine. The colors and design are captivating!

As you star upon the Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Figurine you can’t help but smile. Each figure pose is sure to bring out that magical feeling no matter how old you are!

I must say I’ve never seen nor owned anything like this before when it comes to anything related to Disney Micky Mouse.

I’m floored at all the details and color combinations. It’s like Disney created this just for me! I’m delighted to be able to say I can also celebrate Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Figurine, it’s such a magical feeling and momentous moment.

I’m now looking forward to placing this beautiful piece in my curio cabinet. Now listen, Precious Moments will only produce it for one year and it launched in August, so don’t wait too! Visit Precious Moments today so you can add this piece to your Disney collection.


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Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Wow! That is beautiful and it will definitely make any Disney fan feel giddy inside! It’s Mickey after all. I love that there are different versions of him. Makes you feel nostalgic!

  2. This is so cute! I’d love to have one for myself. I remember watching Mickey Mouse when I was little, always fun to see!

  3. I have a friend who collects Micky and Minnie items. This would be perfect for them!

  4. As a huge Disney fan I think this is such a great keepsake! I need to get one of my own!!

  5. We have some few items collected, we got it when we visited Disney World few years ago. That one is so cute.

  6. I should really start a Disney collection because I know our entire family would love it! I think I’ll start with this 90th anniversary figure!

  7. I love collecting Disney items and memorabilia. This is a beautiful piece and really helps to ground the amazing Disney experience for a family.

  8. I have many friends who are Disney collectors. Will have to let them know about this one. And I might have to treat myself to one because I love the design!

  9. My Disney fan friends would love this figurine. And even for me I love the idea of treating myself to celebrate the big day!

  10. This is such a cool figurine. It has so much detail and the colors are so vibrant.

  11. Oh my goodness I love this what a great piece. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Disney so anything like this is right up my street – perhaps I need to treat myself.

  12. What a great gift for any Disney lover! I loved collecting Precious Moments when I was young — glad to know they are of the same quality and craftmanship.

  13. Awww…The figurine is adorable and what a special way to commemorate and celebrate 90 years of Disney. This would be the perfect gift for my girlfriend who is obsessed with everything Disney.

  14. I was just talking to the kids about Micky Mouse yesterday, and how his first black and white cartoons were out before their grandparents were born. This is a beautiful figurine.

  15. I love the Disney figurine. I grew up in a town where Walt Disney lived for a few years. I know a lot of people who would love this!

  16. For all those Micky Mouse collectors out there and I just happen to know two of them they are going to fall in love with this one. Yes they will be wanting and adding this to the wish list for sure.

  17. I just love this! We need to get it. We’re a big Disney family. Well. The kids and I are. My husband doesn’t care. We’re headed to Disney World next month!

  18. This is a great collector’s piece for Disney and Mickey Mouse fans. It’s so pretty and a great way to celebrate the 90th anniversary!

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