What are car covers made of?

This is the most important selection criterion. Consider 6 materials, of which cases are more often produced:

Polyester is a synthetic durable fabric. It is not recommended in a car without air conditioning. It does not have hygroscopic properties, so in the heat it is uncomfortable.   Vinyl. Of the advantages, it can be noted that it retains moisture on the surface. If you accidentally spill drinks in the car or climb into the salon in wet clothes, vinyl car covers will protect the seats from getting wet. But vinyl is very hot in the heat and freezes in the cold.  Genuine leather is luxurious and expensive. Typically, leather covers are used in luxury cars. Ecoskin is the best alternative to natural. It is not inferior to it in practicality, but at a price it is cheaper. It does not pass moisture and can withstand extreme temperatures – from +60 to -35 ° C. Alcantara – faux suede. It is difficult to distinguish from natural. Pleasant to the touch, resistant to various influences. It does not heat up in the sun and does not freeze in the cold.

Jacquard is a durable material, durable and easy to care for. The threads of this fabric have a complex weave, so it does not deform.  There are combined options. Jacquard looks good in combination with eco-leather. Especially if you choose a good color scheme. A win-win option – black in combination with any shades.  You can get more details about every kind of car covers available on

Which car covers are better: from Alcantara, eco-leather or jacquard? 

Most often, motorists choose upholstery from these fabrics. They have a good value for money, there are practically no disadvantages. The seats covered by them look great in the cabin. It’s difficult to choose between these two options. Therefore, we studied how Alcantara, eco-leather and jacquard correspond to the necessary parameters:

Wear resistance. All three materials correspond to this indicator. They do not stretch, do not fold in the car seat, do not fade, do not fade over time.  Resistance to low and high temperatures. Products from these fabrics do not deteriorate from heat and cold. But eco-leather is heated in the sun, so many motorists get combined auto-covers: side sections of eco-leather, and the seat itself is made of jacquard. Hygroscopicity – the ability of a material to absorb moisture. The comfort of the driver and passengers depends on this, especially in the heat. All 3 types of fabric have this property. Hygroscopicity of eco-leather is even higher than that of natural.

Resistance to pollution and simplicity in leaving. In this regard, eco-leather car covers are the best option, any dirt can be easily removed with a dry or wet sponge. Jacquard is also easy to clean with a water-based cleaner. But Alcantara loses a little in this matter: grease stains should be immediately wiped off the surface, otherwise the help of professionals will be needed.

Nice view . The interior from Alcantara or eco-leather looks luxurious, but from the jacquard it looks a little easier.

Security. The species in question are hypoallergenic and non-toxic to humans.

Price. Alcantara has the highest price, eco-leather is lower, and the winner in this category is jacquard. Jacquard covers can be purchased for 2700 rubles.

Thus, Alcantara cases are durable and aesthetic, but expensive and may require professional dry cleaning. From jacquard – wear-resistant and cheap, but inside the car they look rustic. Faux leather combines reasonable cost, luxurious look, practicality, but there is one drawback – if you leave the car for a long time in the heat, the seats will become hot.

What eco-leather is better for car covers?  

Ecoskin has many advantages, so I want to talk more about it. It is made by applying polyurethane or polyurethane foam (PUF) to the woven base. Currently, there are a lot of fakes, ordinary artificial leather is given out as eco-leather, and this is not the same thing. Artificial is made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which does not allow air to pass through and quickly wears out.  There are many different manufacturing techniques for this material. Therefore, it differs in its characteristics. The following types of eco-leather have perfectly proven themselves:

Avto-hortica. Outwardly and in tactile sensations, it resembles as much as possible natural. It is made on the basis of polyurethane (70%) and cotton (30%). Mars on microfiber is a unique material that is made from polyester (50%) and polyurethane (50%). It is characterized by increased resistance to scratches and other damage.

“Oregon”. Pleased with a low price. Despite the price, it is quite durable.

Which type to choose depends on your budget. After all, they are all practical and durable. These types come in different textures:

There are combined car covers. It looks original when the headrest and side parts of the cover are smooth, and the seat is quilted. It will be easier for the driver to stay in the seat at sharp turns, because the quilted surface glides less. The combination of a smooth and perforated texture will also be the right choice. Pores will allow the seats to cool faster after the car is in the sun.   The choice of car covers should be taken seriously. It is better to buy quality products than those that after a year of use will become worthless. If animals or small children will be transported in the car, the main thing that we recommend paying attention to is the practicality and ease of care. For a limited budget, consider Jacquard or Oregon. If you want a luxurious interior, then choose Alcantara or expensive eco-leather brands.

How to install car covers

How to install car covers We do the same with the seat cushion. And since it accounts for the main load, we fix the cover with hooks under the seat even more carefully. But it is also not worthwhile to overdo it with the tension of the holding gums. A gum bursting at the most inopportune moment or a straightened hook is an event, though not fatal, but not the most pleasant either. After that, it remains to fill the edges of the cover under the decorative plastic panels and return the head restraints to their place. And here you often have to use ingenious improvised tools. The same ruler, for example, is ideal for gently hiding a stretching elastic on the head restraints.

How to wear car covers. Instruction manual With the rear seats, we follow the same algorithm. Some models of covers can be installed without removing the seats, but if you can not do without it, you will have to tinker a bit. Fortunately, this process does not require any specific knowledge. Yes, and covers on the rear seats are fixed in the same way – with special hooks that are attached under the seat cushion, rubber bands or Velcro. This completes the installation of car covers. And again, the interior of your car pleases with pristine cleanliness. In addition, this amazing transformation was not too expensive and did not take so much time. And the result is impressive.



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