Five reasons why a health plan for your hound is a good idea

There was a time when only the very wealthy considered getting medical cover for their dogs. The perception was that these were animals who lived in eth lap of luxury and who were spoiled rotten. A decade or more ago, that may have been the case. But things have changed considerably in the intervening period to the extent that no the very wealthy are the only people who can afford not to have health care plans for their pets. Because vets are expensive, and as it turns out, dogs need to visit them far more frequently than you might imagine. It can all add up to large bills and horrible dents in the finances. With that in mind, here five key reasons why you should look at taking out medical cover for your dog.


Fights happen

The most frequent reason that leads to dogs requiring surgery is fighting. Dog fights. No matter how well trained your dog is or submissive you think it is, there are plenty of other dogs out there who will spoil for a fight and if your pooch ends up on the receiving end of a beating the need for pet insurance will very quickly become clear. Stitching, x-rays and all the other associated treatments add up quickly, and most vets won’t even start to look at a post-fight animal without requiring a deposit first.


Increasingly dogs are exposed to the poison and the effects can be dire. They generally eat the poison by mistake, and it is often indirectly that they will ingest the product. You might have left poison down to try and take care of a rat problem – in turn, the dog finds a dead or dying rat and it sets about chomping on the rodent. This translates to exposure to the poison and an emergency visit to the vet.


An increasingly common phenomenon in dogs is seizures or epilepsy. It is often unclear why these happen but witnessing a dog having a grand mal seizure can be quite traumatic. The treatment is on-going chronic medication, which can very quickly become expensive. Having proper means of providing proper care for your pet is easy.

Road accidents

Dogs escape from the property and they will run away. Most have little or no road sense at all. Inevitably then they will get hit by cars and be injured. For some, it is almost better to be killed outright than to be badly maimed and then need to be euthanized later because the dog owners cannot afford the costs of the treatment involved.

Peace of mind

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to choose to terminate the life of their beloved pet because they cannot the treatment that it needs to have a good quality of life. Similarly, nobody wants to bankrupt themselves in order to ensure that their dog can have the treatment it needs. For a nominal amount every month however you can sleep easy, knowing that you are covered in eth event of any medical emergency and you will never have to make that awkward decision of money versus pet.





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