Here’s What Happens When You Retire (Hint: It’s All Good!)

As you start to get older, your thoughts will eventually turn to retirement. When you have a year in mind, the plan is to stop working and live off your pension. You can then live out your twilight years having fun and enjoying yourself. Or so you get told!

But, what exactly happens when you do reach retirement age? Sure, it marks the beginning of a new epoch in your life. It also means your daily routine changes! If you’re approaching retirement soon, here are some of the things you can expect to happen:


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You’ll get a new job as the family babysitter

Let’s face it. Most retired people have extended families. If you have a close relationship with yours, it’s likely you will get asked to become a babysitter. Unless you’re grumpy and don’t like babies and kids much, of course!

The vast majority of retired folks love spending time looking after the new generations. If you do that, you’ll have the chance to spend part of your life being a part of theirs. And if they’re old enough to remember, you’ll leave a lasting and happy legacy of your time together.

You’ll get bored

The sad truth for some retired people is they reach a loose end. With their daily work routine now finished, they won’t know what to do with themselves!

As you can imagine, it’s important to keep busy. Not just to avoid boredom, but to keep your mind fresh and your body agile. There are endless activities you can do. Only your imagination can limit what you do.

You can finally do those DIY jobs at home

When you spend all day working, you seldom have the time to start or finish any DIY work at home. Yes, you’ve got the weekend and your days off to do that. But, you’ll more than likely use that spare time for doing other things.


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Once you retire, every day is a day off! You now have lots of time to work on your DIY projects.

You think about death more

When a person reaches retirement age, death is a subject that becomes a more prominent one. Still, it’s not as depressing as it sounds; believe it or not. Death is something that will happen to us all at some stage. When you retire, you just learn to accept that it’ll happen at some point.

The reason why you think about death isn’t necessarily about the act itself. Rather, you start to think about organizing your affairs. That means ensuring your funeral expenses get covered, for example.

You also start considering your will and dealing with any outstanding debts. One thing that many retired people do is take out a life insurance policy. Sites like give more details on that.

Of course, many people already have a life insurance policy. But, a lot of those policies only cover you until you reach a particular age. Taking out a new one as you reach the end of that age condition is always a good idea.

You spend a lot more time on the bus

One of the benefits you have as a retired person is you end up getting a free bus pass! As you can imagine, it seems a little pointless owning a car when you can go on the bus for free.

Some people may frown at the idea of using public transport. The thing is; buses only get used a lot during peak times. At other times during the day, few passengers get on them. What that means for you is you can enjoy bus journeys in relative comfort. There won’t be lots of annoying people packed into the buses you use.

And let’s not forget that you can now go and visit all those local landmarks you’ve meant to check out!

You get to go on more than one vacation each year

Now that you don’t have to work anymore, it’s time to go and see the world! Vacations are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to enjoy your retirement. The world is a big place, and it’s likely you’ve only seen a small fraction of it. As you’ve got a pension income, use up some of that cash to go on holidays every year!

If you’re not a fan of international travel, why not explore what your own country has to offer? You could buy an RV and go check out what’s in your own backyard, so to speak. Take a look at to see what you could buy.

Or you could go on scenic road or rail journeys with someone else in the driver’s seat. There are countless ways that you can explore the world around you. And you don’t even need to set foot on a plane if you don’t want to.

You can perfect your gardening skills

Another thing you’re likely to do once you retire is to spend more time in your garden. As you don’t need to work, you can sculpt some stunning masterpieces. And you can grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables if you’re into organic farming.

You may even wish to build a greenhouse or create a water feature in the middle of your garden. During the summer months, it’s nice to relax in one’s garden.

You can spend more time with your friends

Being retired means you have plenty of spare time on your hands. If your friends are also retired, you can now devote more time to them! Socializing is important at any age, but even more so once you retire. After all; you don’t want to turn into a social recluse, do you?

Now you can reminisce more about old times, play sports together or even go on joint vacations.


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You don’t ever have to work again

Last, but not least, the biggest thing to happen when you retire is the realization you don’t need to work. In fact, if you’ve got a good pension, you’ll never need to work again! Hooray! So, if you’re about to retire soon, prepare to spend your days having fun and enjoying life!


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