What Are Seniors Increasingly Using the World Wide Web For?

Despite not growing up with the technological advancements that we have today, many seniors are eager to go online. Folks at MedAlertHelp have put together an infographic which shows that, over the past few years, more and more of seniors are venturing online, with 70% of people aged 65 and above using the internet on a typical day.

For those who may find it more difficult to leave the house, the internet can be a great help and can be used for:

  • easy access to information on personal interests;
  • keeping them up to date with recent news and political information;
  • purchasing online and having the goods delivered directly to their front door, without ever having to leave the house;
  • staying connected with friends and loved ones through the use of email and video call apps such as Skype;
    entertainment, with 54% of seniors watching online videos;
  • getting health and medical information;
  • using social media to stay up to date with friends and family.

The importance of the world wide web in today’s society simply can’t be ignored. People use it on a daily basis and not having any internet connection could be a huge disadvantage.

Since the elderly didn’t learn to use the internet in school as much of the younger population, they may need further help or guidance at first. There are many classes and guides out there that can help them get to grips with one of the biggest parts of our society.

Today, the internet is no longer just for young people. Seniors are already making use of it, and more of them will soon follow. You can find out more stats on the subject by taking a look at the infographic below.

The Elderly & The World Wide Web (Infographic)



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