Making A Loved One’s Birthday Extra Special.

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, you might want to make their day extra special. It’s always nice to treat our loved ones and show them what they mean to us. Some of us just don’t do it often enough! Maybe it’s a milestone birthday for them. Maybe they’ve done a lot for you over the years. Maybe you’re just feeling generous and want to make them happy! Whatever your reason, this post is for you. Here are some ideas on making a loved one’s birthday extra special:                      

Decorate The House

 Decorating the house will show them what a big deal you think their birthday is, and they’ll love having the house decorated especially for them. This is a good idea whatever their age may be! It can even bring out the inner child in some people. You can decorate the house with balloons, banners, party hats and poppers, you name it! You could even theme it on something they really love to make it all about them. How about their favorite TV show or film? Get creative!

 Throw Them A Surprise Get Together

 Why not throw them a surprise get together to give them a lovely day? This could be a full blown party, or a small get together with friends. Make sure you only invite people you’re sure they’ll want to see on their birthday, and that everybody keeps schtum. It’s no fun if it isn’t a surprise! Some people have even gone as far as throwing surprise fancy dress parties! Just make sure you have a suitable costume for them hidden somewhere. This should get them laughing and smiling in no time.



 Wait On Them Hand And Foot

Take it upon yourself to wait on the birthday person hand and foot. Make them breakfast in bed. Take them a coffee. Ask them if there’s anything they need. Pretty much offer to be their slave for the day. This will make them feel like royalty for the day! You could even make them a coupon book for them to redeem different acts of kindness over time. You could give them a coupon for one cup of tea, a foot massage, etc.

Make Them Something Unique

Making something can be so much more meaningful than simply going out and buying them something. You can even do both. Make them a card. Make them a cake. Make them their gift! They’ll love that you’ve put so much thought, time, and effort into their birthday. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you have any skills you could put to good use. There’s a tutorial out there for everybody!


 Create A Day Full Of Their Favorite Things

 What could be better than a day full of their favorite things? You could even design them an itinerary to show them how the day will go. Perhaps it’s their favorite breakfast in bed, followed by a visit to their favorite shop for a gift they pick themselves. Then you could go to their favorite place for lunch, visit relatives, have a pizza party, and so on and so forth. Make a list of everything they love and figure out how you can incorporate it all into their day. It’ll quickly become their favorite day ever!

 Personalize Some Gifts

Sometimes, receiving a personalized gift can feel a bit more special than getting a gift everybody else has got. There are so many sites online that allow you to design a gift yourself, whether it’s an item of jewelry or custom wine labels for their favorite tipple. 

 Spread Out The Birthday Gifts

Instead of giving them all of their birthday gifts at once, how about you spread them out? You could give them one every hour, for example. But do it in a way that suits you/them to help make their celebrations last longer. You could even give them smaller gifts in the week leading up to the day. If you’ve got them one main gift, such as a trip somewhere, you could give them smaller gifts leading up to it to hint at this. They might be confused, but it’s a lot of fun!

 How will you make your loved one’s birthday extra special? These ideas should get you started, but feel free to personalize it and add in your own ideas as you see fit. In fact, if you have ideas you’d like to share, leave them below. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful time celebrating!




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