Protecting Your Phone: How to Choose a Phone Case

Are you looking to buy a case for your smartphone to protect your investment? If so, check out this guide to learn how to choose a phone case.

Bought a new phone? That’s great, but don’t forget to protect it! No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance of dropping it or accidentally banging it against something.

In fact, about 45% of smartphone users may have damaged their phones by accident.

To avoid such accidents, now would be a good time to shop for a smartphone case. That said, don’t get the first one you see. You have to take form and function into consideration too.

Don’t know what qualities to look for? We’re here to help. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right phone case to suit your needs in protection, style, and utility.

  1. Consider the Smartphone’s Brand and Model

The smartphone’s brand and model works as a good starting point when looking for a phone case. Knowing the exact model helps guarantee that the phone fits snugly into the case.

The first factor is the shape and measurement of the phone, as this allows you to check if the phone case would fit well without any issue of being loose or being too small to use.

Aside from that, some brands have their own line of phone cases you can buy. This happens to be the case for Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and OnePlus for example. You can start there to find a case specifically made for that type of phone.

Despite that fact, there are a whole lot of third-party manufacturers that provide custom cases too. These offer a different set of features and design focuses that we will learn about later on. Manufacturers known for quality work include OtterBox, Case-Mate, Olixar,and UAG and Burga.

  1. Check the Shape of the Case

The shape of the case would tell you about the purposes and functions that it would have. It tells you the layout and the overall protection that it would provide. Let us look at some of these cases.

Standard Case

This one provides protection to the back and sides while the screen part remains accessible. Other versions of this phone case type have a raised lip to prevent direct hits.

The protection coverage it offers makes this the go-to option. It is also lightweight and accessible.

Bumper Case

This phone case heads toward the minimalist route due to its layout. It leaves the back exposed. Despite this, it has shock-absorbing corners to prevent damage to the device.

It’s lightweight but it offers limited protection.

Tough Case

Instead of aesthetics, these phone cases focus on protection. They often come with multiple layers comprised of different materials for maximum effect. Due to this design, they have adequate protection from scratches and drops.

Other versions also provide specialized protection against water and dust. Do take note that these cases can provide water protection within certain depths and also within a certain time limit.

Folio Case

Also called wallet or flip cases, these phone cases take the same style as book covers. In this case, one section of the case covers the back and sides of the phone. The other section covers the screen with its flap.

Though these cases get a bit bulky, they offer enough protection and they come with other functions such as card slots or stands.

Pouch Case

This type of case covers the whole phone. Covering the phone on all sides has its unique advantages and notable disadvantages.

For one, pouch cases provide total protection for your phone. Pouch cases also work on any smartphone model.

The downside is that you will need to take the phone out of the pouch to use it. The risk in doing so may end up with the phone falling while doing so.

  1. Materials Used for the Case

Another factor to keep in mind is the materials used for the phone case. These offer various effects on appearance, durability, and the amount of protection provided. Here are some of the common materials used for phone cases.


This material happens to be one of the go-to choices for phone cases and is often seen in folio cases. They may lean towards the bulky side but they wear nicely.

The other thing leather boasts, especially with genuine leather, is in its classic aesthetic and texture.

Silicon, Gel, Rubber

The softness and flexibility of these materials allow for both moderate protection and better grip. These cases are also cheap to manufacture and produce.

Plastic (TPU or Polycarbonate) 

This is the most commonly used material for phone cases. Polycarbonate shines in its scratch protection and impact resistance while TPU tends to be a bit softer. They utilize a multiple-layer design, guaranteeing protection on all sides.

  1. Features and Purpose

Some phone cases come with other purposes aside from protecting your phone. For instance, they can also work as a wallet, as per the case for folio cases with card slots.

Some come with a built-in power bank for your phone. Other cases come with a kickstand.

  1. Should You Get a Screen Protector?

Depending on the cases you pick, you might also want to consider screen protection. It becomes a factor when you want to ensure the screen remains scratch-proof. If you plan to buy a screen protector as well, make sure it fits for your device.

  1. Look for the Best Price

On top of all these considerations, make sure you get the best price. The tricky part is finding a phone case that provides optimal protection that also comes with a great deal. You can also go here to learn more about optimal smartphone protection.

Protect Your Smartphone With the Best Phone Case!

Smartphones, while powerful and capable of performing a whole myriad of tasks and functions, can fall victim to malfunction and damage by impact or dropping. Consider the phone case as both its protective armor and as a stylish accessory.

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