Why is Python so popular?

Python appeared in the programming world for a long time, but since the beginning of 2010 it has experienced a boom – it has already overtaken C, C #, Java and JavaScript in popularity. How long will the upward trend continue when Python from django development company replaces some other language and why?

The popularity of a programming language can be tracked by the dynamics of the number of tags on the most popular resource among developers – Stack Overflow. So, judging by the graph, this language growth began in 2010, and it became rapid in 2015. While R has been on a plateau over the past few years, many other languages ​​have been in decline. There are reasons for the popularity of Python from the django company. Python software development services have many benefits.


Easy to Learn and Use

This language can be safely recommended as the first programming language. And the point is not only that it has existed for a long time and therefore there are many good textbooks on it. It has an understandable syntax, similar to the usual, “human” language. and he also forgives mistakes.

For example, you do not need to specify the data type in it, you just need to declare a variable. Python will figure out from the context if it is an integer, floating point, boolean, or something else. This is a huge advantage for beginners. The product from python development agency code is pretty easy to read. Just compare the syntax of Python and C++.

Supportive Community

The community can be characterized as a huge number of enthusiasts who strive to advance in the areas of code and software development. With such a huge base, it is obvious that the community can get all the support it needs, regardless of the segment chosen.

Another positive news for those who want to learn Python is the huge amount of reference literature on this language. At your service are an abundance of books, many sites, courses, both paid and free, a huge number of sources and ready-made templates. Absolutely at all stages of both work and still just learning, you will have access to modern, relevant, entertaining and informational resources that are dedicated to Python. You yourself can choose from this abundance what suits you best.

Big data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Data security is paramount today, and people from all over the world are looking for programming languages ​​that can provide it. Data security has reached its peak with python development company. Here is the fact that it can be compiled using cloud computing technologies. The Python software company is the least competitive favorite in this area. Google currently uses Python in several enterprise-grade software applications.

Python has been around for so long that developers have been able to make custom libraries for almost any purpose. For example:

  • For multidimensional arrays and high-level matrices, use NumPy.
  • SciPy is suitable for calculations in engineering.
  • For exploring, analyzing and manipulating data, try Pandas.
  • For artificial intelligence, learn Scikit-Learn.

If you need to solve a computational problem, it is likely that there is already a dedicated Python library for it. This allows the language to remain trending in recent years.


Over time, Python will attract more professional developers who would gladly specialize in this language. Moreover, the flexibility of the Python from django developers language, combined with its versatility, has managed to impress users and increase its popularity.


Data security is paramount today, and people from all over the world are looking for programming languages ​​that can provide it. With Python, data security has reached its peak, given the fact that it can be compiled using cloud computing technologies. The main feature of Python is its speed. This allows you to write code faster, automate tasks and scripts. Another factor in favor of Python is that it does great in automation. This fact undoubtedly became a highlight of 2020.


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