Work Examiner – A Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Software to User Behavior Monitoring and Insider Threat Prevention

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Insider threats are a growing concern for companies, and the number of data breaches caused by employees both due to negligence and malicious intent are on the rise. To prevent such threats companies require tools to track user behavior and identify potential risks.

One such tool is WorkExaminer that provides a comprehensive solution to monitor employees and user behavior to pinpoint suspicious activity and possible threats, and comply with new industry regulations.

Please introduce yourself and the current position that you occupy at WorkExaminer?

My name is Alexander Makhanev and my background is in software engineering and product development. Currently I am the CEO of WorkExaminer which I founded and helped develop in 2004.

Why are insider threats a growing concern for companies?

Insider threats have become more prevalent as more employees require access to company data and are granted it. That invariably creates additional risk, and in many cases it may be something as simple as a user with legitimate access accidentally opening a phishing email that exposes the company.

How is WorkExaminer able to monitor and reduce the risk of insider threats?

WorkExaminer’s features are designed to comprehensively all aspects of employee behavior. That includes apps that are running, online activity, file transfers, IM chats, keystrokes, email, and more.

Based on the data that WorkExaminer collects, companies can build a baseline to make it easy to identify anomalous behavior in the future. On top of that specific alerts can be set up for suspicious behavior that may need more immediate action.

Can WorkExaminer be customized to provide different levels of monitoring and oversight?

Yes – WorkExaminer is fully customizable and companies can set it up based on their specific needs and requirements. Different rules can be set up for users with different levels of access, or for offsite employees, freelancers, and third-party vendors that may be given access to company data.

What does WorkExaminer do to stop violations or suspicious behavior?

The manner in which WorkExaminer responds largely depends on how it is set up. Typically for immediate threats it can be set up to send an alert to the administrator so that action can be taken quickly. However in other cases that aren’t as urgent it can block certain types of online activity, or simply include the data in a regularly scheduled report.

Does WorkExaminer constantly monitor users?

By design WorkExaminer is able to monitor all users stealthily and on a continuous basis. Whether or not it does is up to the company however, as is what data is actually recorded and stored – and what is simply discarded. The comprehensive monitoring does add to our software benefits however, and allows companies to measure productivity and performance efficiency as well.

What is the first step to use WorkExaminer to prevent insider threats?

The best place to start is to visit our site to learn more about the features of WorkExaminer. If companies want they can then choose to try the software free for 30 days and actually see what it does firsthand.



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