Surefire Tips To Travel Safely With A Rideshare App

Rideshare apps are a ground-breaking way to commute. They offer the benefits of comfort, convenience, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness to passengers. You can book a ride only in a few clicks, get a car at your doorstep, and save yourself the hassle of parking or struggling with the crowds in public transport facilities. However, safety is a concern that should be on top of your mind while using these services. Risks like rideshare mishaps and passenger assaults are a part of the deal, but awareness and vigilance can save you from a lot of trouble. You only need to do a bit to avoid problems and be as safe as possible. Here are a few surefire tips for traveling safely when using a rideshare app for commuting.

Choose a safe place to start

Remember to always start from a safe location when you book a ride through an app. Avoid taking a cab from isolated locations like empty streets and deserted parking lots because these are the favorite spots for criminals. Find a well-lighted and crowded place to embark on the ride. You can even ask your friends to accompany you while you wait for the driver to arrive at the booking spot. No one will try to harm or attack you in such areas, so you need to worry about safety risks while taking a cab. 

Keep a family member or friend in the loop

Most rideshare apps do their bit for passenger safety by adding features for location sharing and navigation maps. The best thing about these features is that they give you an extra layer of protection while riding with a stranger. You can share your live location with a family member or a friend, so they are literally with you along the way. Consider calling a loved one and staying online to be extra safe. The driver will not even think about doing something wrong when they know that you are on a call.

Check driver reviews

Checking driver reviews before taking a cab with them is another effective way to be safe during ridesharing. You can dig deep into the app to learn what other passengers think about the driving behavior and other traits of the driver. You can check the ratings and rely on the information shared by real passengers who have used the services of the specific driver in the past. Moreover, apps often deactivate drivers with consistently low ratings. However, you must trust your instincts and cancel the ride if something appears amiss. 

Know your rights in case of a mishap

Rideshare accidents are common because being on the road makes you vulnerable, regardless of the person behind the wheel. But you can enforce your rights as a passenger if driver negligence leads to an accident while using a cab service. You can collaborate with specialized rideshare accident lawyers to claim compensation for your injuries and damages during such mishaps. All you need to do is prove a driver’s negligence and calculate a rightful compensation amount. In fact, you may claim a hefty amount if you establish the fault of the rideshare company.

Never ride when you are impaired or intoxicated

Experts recommend never taking a cab when you are impaired or intoxicated because the state is inherently risky. Being under influence means you are unaware of the surroundings, and an unscrupulous driver may take advantage of the situation. You cannot trust anyone in such a state, no matter how honest they appear and how reputable the service provider is. Consider staying where you are until you are sober. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or loved one to provide you with a pick or drop if you really need to go somewhere.

Speak up against unsafe driving

Although you expect to be with a cab driver for one ride, do not overlook negligence or poor behavior. You must surely report unsafe and negligent driving behavior, such as overspeeding, breaking traffic laws, and driving under the influence. As a passenger, you can ask the driver to pull over and get off the cab instead of saying anything. It is the safer option to confront them directly. But do not let the incident go unchecked and speak up against unsafe driving as soon as possible. 

Traveling safely with a rideshare app requires clever thinking, a conscious approach, and a good understanding of your rights as a passenger. You can follow these simple tips to stay ahead of safety and make the most of these services.


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