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Hot Flashes, Mood Swings? Reduce Symptoms Of The Menopause Naturally

The menopause is a completely natural biological process, sometimes with frustrating and annoying symptoms!

You may be wondering What is Menopause? The menopause marks the end of fertility, when the functions of the ovaries stop. It is a gradual process normally starting in a woman’s late forties and early fifties. Occasionally menopause can begin early, such as in a woman’s thirties. Certain illnesses can bring on an early onset of the menopause such as eating disorders and cancer treatments.

The hormonal shift that occurs in the menopause can cause hot flashes, food cravings, mood swings and insomnia. Osteoporosis can also begin due to hormonal changes causing thinning of the bones.

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There are many synthetic hormone options available to reduce menopause symptoms, which your medical practitioner can give advice on.

This article aims to highlight some natural alternatives to reduce symptoms.


Hormonal swings can cause us to crave foods that are not conducive to a healthy diet and although they are satisfying whilst eating them, the after effects can actually make us feel worse. To counteract the cravings we need to adopt a healthy diet that is well balanced. It is really important to avoid a drop in blood sugar levels, as this will cause us to reach for the biscuit tin or eat a chocolate bar. Ensure lots of foods containing vitamin D are included your diet as vitamin D is excellent for bone health. Another great source of vitamin D is sunshine, and another alternative to  reduce symptoms would be to try Estrogen Tablets!

Try to ensure that your diet is as “clean” as possible, meaning that you avoid processed foods. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fiber. This will help to maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight will put extra strain on bones as well as cause more hot flashes.

Essential  aromatherapy oils
Essential oils all have different powerful effects on the body. They can be used to relieve menopause symptoms naturally. Essential oils are potent and powerful. Therefore, advice should be taken as to how to dilute the oils or buy oils that are pre prepared.

Clary sage is excellent for balancing hormones having the effect of lowering anxiety and hot flashes. The oils could be used before retiring to bed, to lower night sweats. This would be especially effective if used with PeachSkinSheets which are cool and comfortable to sleep in.

Chamomile is excellent for lowering stress, peppermint oil is cooling, and thyme oil also has a balancing effect on hormones. These oils are all useful for lowering menopause symptoms.

Keep hydrated

During the menopause hormones affect the body in such a way that dryness of the skin and body can become a problem. Hot flashes and night sweats make the problem worse as fluid is lost. It is therefore essential to stay hydrated. The best fluid to consume is water, drinking around 8 glasses a day will allow your body to function to its maximum ability. Water will also help with weight gain, especially if a glass is drunk before meals. Digestion health will also benefit from extra fluids.

By following the above tips you will be able to manage the often-frustrating symptoms of the menopause.



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