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Foods to Eat to Control Hot Flashes!

For the majority of women, hot flashes are a normal part of life during menopause. However, you do not have to allow them to rule your existence. There are several things that you can do to fight hot flashes, and eating properly is one of them. Eating right also helps with menopause weight gain so it is a win-win situation! Foods that contain the properties of estrogen are called estrogenic. Soy is the most popular estrogenic food as they have the most luck in controlling hot flashes.

Eating foods that contain phytoestrogens are also wonderful as they mimic estrogen that is naturally found in our bodies. They can also be found in soy and tofu products so you should add these things to
your regular diet. The following foods are rich in estrogen like qualities and should also be eaten regularly:

Calcium Rich Foods
High calcium foods protect the bones and help with hot flashes. This is especially important at this point in your life since osteoporosis is another common side effect of menopause. Foods high in calcium include:
· Milk
· Cheeses
· Green leafy produce
· Flax
· Almonds

Vitamin E Foods
There are studies that date back to the 1940’s that show vitamin E as being
a hot flash reducer. In fact, it can reduce these heat waves up to 50%!
Foods that are rich in vitamin E include:
· Bell peppers
· Asparagus
· Chard
· Greens
· Spinach

Lean Proteins
Lean proteins come in many delicious forms including the following:
· Fish
· Chicken
· Beans
· Peas
· Lentils
. Eggs

Foods with High Content of Water

Hot flashes cause perspiration, and this can dehydrate you quickly. So, replace the water you have lost with foods that contain high amounts of water. These foods include watermelon, chard and tomatoes. Most fresh produce is a good choice. Also, be sure to drink lots of water every day too! The above tips are a few of many that can help you to reduce your hot flashes and keep a healthy waistline!

Fighting back the natural way is always the best place to begin the battle!



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19 thoughts on “Foods to Eat to Control Hot Flashes!

  • I’m not having hot flashes, yet, but good to know there are foods that would help control it. Didn’t know that.

  • This is great! I’m in perimenopause, and hot flashes are such a pain. I’ll do whatever it takes to prevent them.

  • This is good to know. I am nearing my menopause and I would love to learn more how to control hot flashes. I agree with you that fighting back the natural way is best.

  • I would my wife to read this. She has Hot flashes attacks from time to time. I will take note of the food that she should to control the discomfort.

  • Fish is always in my diet for omega. Now with this post i have another reason to eat more fish. Hot flashes is a common thing for women esp at age 40’s .

  • thanks so much for this.. definitely timely for me as i am entering that age where this is supposed to start..

  • I never thought to pick something that could help with hot flashes. It is good to know that there are these foods to help!

  • It is good to know that we can help treat the symptoms of the menopause through our diet. I do like many of these foods which is great. I’ll be prepared when it happens now.

  • I will keep these tips in mind, just changing your diet helps with control those hot flashed. Who never knew natural way works.

  • That’s a great approach! Consuming calcium-rich foods can help support overall health and may also have a positive impact on managing symptoms.

  • It’s empowering to learn that I can take control through something as accessible as my diet. I’ve always believed in the power of natural remedies, and it’s fascinating to see how foods rich in calcium, and vitamin E can play such a crucial role.

  • it’s reassuring to know there are dietary changes I can make to alleviate some of the discomfort

  • Diet sure does help. I have not had a single hot flash and this is typical of my diet.

  • I need to keep these in mind. My time is coming, I am sure of it, and I know the hot flashes will make me cranky.

  • I really like the fact that you have boiled it down to diet. I will try the suggested changes to my diet. I have been experiencing hot flashes for over 5 years, now. No matter what herbal supplement I have taken, I have found that the hot flashes and night sweats always return. I am looking now for those products or remedies that bring me relief, Although, I think herbal supplements are great, I am really don’t want take them for years on regular basis. It appears that my hot flashes are not going away any time soon, so I am seeking natural remedies that give relief. – thanks SER –

  • I’ll need this before I know


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