5 Tips to Find the Best Playard for the Baby

Playards are portable. They are easy to install and collapse. You can take them along with you when you travel. These are the collapsible and portable play areas that you can set up for your baby to play and take rest.

Most of the playards come with many features that make it convenient for the parents use it when they travel with the baby. They come with inserts of table and many other options. These are the tips to find the best playard for your baby.

1.   Look into types of playards

There are different types of playards that you can choose from. The most common type of playard are lightweight and come at affordable rates with all the accessories and features. The basic type of a playard is portable and has a travel bag.

The deluxe playard comes with a bassinet, holders for diapers, mattress, canopy, music for soothing the baby, and light in the night. It also has wheels, is foldable, portable, and has storage space for toys, and other items.

2.   Removable features

When you buy a playard look for features that are removable so you can use it in different ways. A removable bassinet, a changeable table, a twin bassinet feature if you have twins is features to look for in a playard.

These features make it easier for you to use the playard in different areas. These features let you know how you will use the playard and for how long the baby will sit inside the playard.

3.   Choose a playard with a mesh

Always ensure that you are buying certified playards. Buy a playard that has mesh as it protects the child from going out of the playard. The mesh also has holes so it is easier for the playard to get airy. Most of the playards come with a mattress that fits the dimensions of the playard so you do not have to buy a separate mattress.

They also come with a bassinet combo which you can let your baby use for playtime as well as napping. Do not use crib mattress for the playard as it can cause injuries to the child.

4.   Don’t buy used playards

A used playard or older playards collapse easily and are not good for the baby to use. Used play yards can injure children making them trapped inside the playard. There are also straps inside the used playard that pose a hazard for the children and get them strangulated.

Buying a used playard can pose a lot of risk for the child as all the features are used and may not be firm and well placed to keep the child secure.

5.   Look for safety features

Check and test a playard thoroughly before buying it. As per the statistics many infants’ deaths have resulted from using a wrong playard that lead to the suffocation of the child.

This is the reason you need to check all the features of the product so that the infant or the toddler does not get wedged between the mattress and the mesh or get strangled due to any other feature inside the playard.

Avoid using stuffed animals, pillows, or bedding inside the playard. Do not allow babies to sleep inside a playard as it can get them into trouble while sleeping.

6.   Safety tips for using a playard

Do not use playards that have torn mesh. Remove the bassinet and changing station from inside the playard when the baby is playing inside the playard. The floor pad and top rails of the playard must be in a secure position.

Inspect the playard regularly for broken hinges, rivets, or any other damage inside the playard. Do not try to mend a torn mesh yourself as it can pose a hazard for the baby.

Do not let two babies use the playard. When the baby reaches the weight limit mentioned inside the manufacturer’s manual, stop using the bassinet. When your baby has reached the height limit for the playard stop using it for the baby. Do not tie items on the playard.

Do not leave your baby unattended inside the playard. Do not place playards inside the kitchen near the stoves, fireplaces, or any source of heat, dust, and wind. If any part of the playard is damaged stop using it.


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  • April 10, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    This is all great advice that I will share with my niece who is expecting. I think Look for safety features is a very important tip.


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