5 Design Hacks to Redesign Your Website in 2019

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Do you want to update your website design for 2019? If you are looking to change the way how your website looks, then the New Year is an excellent opportunity time! It will show your audience that you are ready for the next year, and helps improve your image. To help you change, we are sharing some design hacks.

  1. New Fonts

Do you know how big brands create their unique presence? It’s because they use unique fonts. So, yes you need to give the Romans and Calibri a break, why don’t you try something fresh? New fonts are being introduced every year. 2018, we saw Sofia Pro; it’s a font that was an instant hit with the Branding Agencies. Right now, there are several clones in the market. But if you are planning a startup and you need to make an impact on the website you better consider Sofia Pro.

The story of fonts doesn’t end here. The Typographic tyrant is on the loose. Another font that got much attention was Serif and Sans. This is just Modern Serif being paired with Sans Serif Body. It’s very popular among the masses.

2. Solid Pastel Colors in Background

2019 will be a bright year, and we can tell be the Solid Pastel Colors. These colors will be a design and branding trend in 2019. Just learn the basics, and you will be fine. These basics are

  • Patel Colors
  • Tertiary Hues
  • Product Placement in a Flat Environment

Arguing why every website design looks the same, Jason Abbruzzese of Mashable says keep your design simple but not boring. The only issue will be lack of differential. This trend is poised to reflect how brands will look in 2019.

3. Hand-Drawings

It seems like people will start using their smartpens properly in 2019. There will be a trend which will demand Hand-Drawn Illustration. When it comes to icons and Illustrations, creativity is the key, especially if you target a younger audience.

4. Product Presentations

Talking about the Future of Web Design, Nick Hastreiter, a contributor at Huffington Post said that your design should showcase your product its best, and integrates advanced options like the interactive view, or a VR show. Lively Product Arrangement can help drive your product sales. These are very common among B2C Websites. The creativity and thought put into this are great. Just be clever when using props to showcase your product. Don’t overdo anything, keep it simple. You have to use a one-two punch setup with a solid color background. This will drive energy and improve your conversion.

5. Keep Your Logo in Center

You don’t need to put your logo on upper left of the page; you need to keep it on Top and CENTER. This will be a major trend in 2019. So, set the alignment tool for the center and click away!

Final Words

We agree some of the trends have yet to prove themselves. But if you want to update your outlook for the coming new year, you better consider these. They will breathe fresh life into your site design and help improve your engagement.



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