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Traveling can be exciting and sometimes stressful. The further you travel, the more obstacles you will encounter – that’s not to say that long-haul trips aren’t worth it, but being prepared with the right gear will keep you entertained and ready for any potential setbacks.

Travel gadgets for a safe and fun tri

Whether you are traveling by car or plane for vacation or business, your goal is to have a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. Before you leave, think about where you are going, what stops you will make, how long you will need to entertain yourself, and any problems that you might encounter.

Good tech gadgets for travel

Modern-day tech gear has become more advanced, connected, and portable, which is great news for anyone needing to be connected for entertainment or business needs while traveling.

Bring along a tablet device for the same basic functions of a laptop without the bulk. If you still need the power of a laptop and wireless mouse device, opt for a silent optical mouse. It won’t require the tracking pad and won’t disturb the person next to you with constant clicking. If you need audio for your devices, bring high-quality earphones or earbuds so that they block out background noise. New tech gadgets hit the market every day, so scope them out and bring them as long as they meet regulations and fit in your carry-on bags. 

Gear up for long flights

First, when traveling by plane, you have to make sure that what you bring meets the luggage restrictions. To avoid the old trick where you sit on top of your suitcase to compress everything so that it will close, try packing as light as possible with space-saving items.

Long flights often leave you feeling less than fresh by the time you step off the plane. You will often find mouthwash in the lavatory, or you might be offered a moist towel. Nothing beats the fresh and clean feeling of brushing your teeth though, so bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste along.

Sleeping on a cramped airplane is never easy, but for long flights it is necessary to reduce jetlag. Most airlines provide a blanket and pillow, but bringing extra soft and comfortable items of your own makes all the difference. Think about bringing an eye mask, earplugs, compression socks, and plush hooded sweatshirt.

Keep essential items such as important documents, money, and medications within reach. You don’t want to end up digging through your bags in the overhead compartment while the food and drink carts are out or the fasten seatbelt sign is turned on.

Gadgets for road trip

Luckily, when traveling in your car, you don’t have to worry about luggage restrictions. As long as everything fits comfortably in your car, bring it along. Pack essentials first, such as clothes, toiletries, medications, snacks, something to entertain yourself, and a few safety essentials. Plan your route carefully for construction slow-downs and weather issues, and buy a toll road pass in advance if needed.

In order to keep your car moving down the road, you will need a few useful items. Regular car maintenance is vital to keeping your car running, but double-check your entire car before a long road trip. The last thing that you want to deal with is a flat tire while traveling, but it is hard to see and predict every piece of road debris. Keep a tire inflator in the trunk to save time and a major headache

Other emergency items to keep on hand include a first aid kit; tire gauge, jumper cables, emergency blanket, and road flares. Unless you live and travel in only the most tropical areas, it would be a great idea to keep de-icing spray, ice scraper, and gloves ready to go when the weather turns icy.

Plan road games to keep everyone entertained on the long drive. Make your own game out of trying to see landmarks along the way. Bring along music and audio books to avoid motion sickness caused by reading in the car.

You will need to navigate your route. If your car doesn’t have an advanced navigation system built-in, think about buying a navigation system. Take a folding road map that shows where you plan to drive so that you can see the overall route in case you lose reception while traveling through remote areas. If you do plan to use your phone as navigation, keep your eyes on the road better by installing a smartphone dock on your car’s dashboard.

Traveling for vacation is fun and refreshing, while traveling for business is usually more of a necessity. Either way, make your trip as stress-free as possible by planning ahead, staying safe, and keeping yourself and your companions entertained.



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