Technical SEO Problems that are needed to be checked

SEO is not something that is a one time job. Just as it takes time for a site to be bedazzled by SEO, SEO requires nurturing consistently. Once you take up the pains of optimizing your website (not that hard if you ask me), you have to make sure that everything is working out.

The things I am mentioning at are basically a few technicalities that need to be checked every now and then. If left unchecked, these may bridle with your site and reduce its performance. This, in turn, will depreciate the ranking of your site.

Let’s get to these factors then:

The Load time of the website

Load time is one of the most important things to check for a website. Many things can affect the load time of a website. For instance, if a website has large image files, the site will be slowed down (because of the large image sizes, of course). Note that this is not the only reason why a site may be slowed down. Keep a check on the website to ensure that it is working properly. If a website takes longer than usual to load, Google will automatically rank the side down.  This is not good so make sure the site has better usability, i.e., shorter loading time.

The crawl errors

For those of you who don’t know, any mistake that results in the failure of a search engine to reach a page on a site is termed as a crawl error.  These kinds of mistakes are prevalent with Search Engine Optimized websites.

Many people with little knowledge about SEO technicalities tend to add links and then forget about them for good. That is from where the trouble begins. In many instances, sites update their content, sometimes delete them or change the URL of the page for that matter. This leads to error 404 wherever the old or outdated URL is used. If these links are left unchecked, it will lead to crawling error.

So, it is essential that you check the website for crawl errors and broken links every now and then. Also, do not buy links from any random site. Try Healthy Links for buying error-free links.

302 and 301 redirects

Like crawl errors, the redirects also deserve attention. Many web developers tend to use the two types of redirects synonymously. This is wrong. There is a considerable difference between the two.

The 301 redirect is permanent whereas 302 is temporary. Note that temporary redirects will be treated as such. Only the permanent redirects pass the link equity. Therefore, it is essential that you have 301 redirects, not the 302 ones. Make sure your web developer knows the difference between the two.

The sitemaps

Another technical error that needs to be checked is the sitemaps. Sitemaps provide the search engine with the blueprint of the website and therefore, need to be up-to-date. Many sitemaps are generated for one time only. These sitemaps become outdated and lose their relevance.  This, in turn, leads to more broken links on the website.

So, making sure that the sitemaps are up-to-date becomes all the more important. You can find a plethora of tools to do the job for you.

Mobile Version of a website

Not many pay heed to the mobile version of the site. We say you should if you haven’t already. The reason is obvious; it affects the ranking of the website. Google takes into account the mobile-friendliness of a site.  If a site does not have a user-friendly version for the mobile, Google will automatically lower it in the ranking.

So make sure that the mobile version is friendly enough to pass the test at least.

The security

As far as security is concerned, it has to be every site’s priority. If you want a good ranking on search engines as intelligent as Google, security deserves to be spent a few dimes on. It is because any site that is not secured poses a risk to its visitors. Google would never want the visitors to be directed to a site that entails risks. The smarter way to go about it is to secure the website.

Not only that, install tools that identify malware or any other suspicious activity on the site. This will let you identify the problem as soon as it takes place so that you fix it at your earliest.

These are some of the most common SEO technical problems that require daily monitoring. You will find a good deal of them on the internet but keeping these few in check will solve the problem.



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