Social Media Marketing: What It is and How to Build Your Strategy

Promoting a brand, service, product or idea on social media is now called social media marketing. It comes in several forms. You can create posts to sell your stuff or create posts to get people to your website to buy your stuff. You can use social media advertising platforms to get more attention, get direct sales, or get people to your website to buy your stuff. Here is how you build a social media marketing strategy.

Attacking The Subject From Every Angle

Other articles are going to tell you to create a strategy based on “One” of the methods below. They will tell you to specialize and so forth, which is fine if you are a massive company. If you are just starting, then you need to strategize to use all the methods and tools listed below.

Creating Posts to Sell Your Products Directly

There are people out there right now who are doing reviews, tutorials, and unboxing videos on other people’s products. These videos get a lot of attention. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be exploiting that attention. Plus, you have the inside track because you know the manufacturer’s specs, you have plenty of your products to play with, and you know all the good things about your products.

Creating Posts to Get People To Your Website

If you want to create content that simply gets people to your website (so you can sell to them and build long-term customer relationships), then your social media content should target demographics. Make it all about finding out what your target demographics are watching on social media, and then offer them similar content on your social media profiles. It takes time, but if you do your research correctly, you will eventually build a loyal following.

Using Social Media Advertisements to Sell Your Products Directly

This is where you put traditional ads on social media platforms. They are pretty expensive if you are not getting conversions, but you can keep tinkering with your ads until you get it right (so there are upsides and downsides to this type of marketing). Once you figure out the most effective ads, you can really hone your marketing spend so that it generates the highest value possible.

Using Social Media Adverts to Get People To Your Website

Instead of offering ads that directly sell a product (like, “Hey, buy this toaster”), you can promote your website instead, (like, “Hey, check out our electronics online store”). Again, you have to generate workable ads, but it is far easier to get people to click on your ads. In truth, the hardest part is creating paid ads that scare away people who are not going to buy, while still attracting people who will buy. This is because you don’t want to be paying for clicks from people who will never buy from you. 

Buying a Pre-Defined Audience

If you would like to make an impact on social media, then you are going to have to use all the tools at your disposal. There are people who go to websites like Fame swap and sell their accounts. This means that people like yourself can buy other people’s social media accounts. What you do with them is your business, but you can tailor your marketing strategy to accommodate them. You can use them to ask a question and target your audience, and you can use the accounts to slowly and carefully trial and error test your marketing. 

Take a look at the sorts of accounts you can find here and try to pick an account with the same sort of demographics as those you are hunting. You may then work on those accounts and build them up further, or you can exploit their followers to promote your website, your products, and even to promote your primary social media accounts. The great thing about this process is that you get to pick and choose the accounts you buy, meaning you can pick and choose the types of audience you are marketing towards.


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