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Meet Bus.com: The Uber/Lyft of Charter Bus Rentals

The travel industry has changed a lot of late. Now one could easily blue book a car or a cab from their phones within seconds. With Lyft and Uber an access to Internet almost everywhere the personal travel industry is developing really fast. But when it comes to booking transportation for large groups; things seem to have not changed much. Or have they? Meet bus.com, the site that has been revolutionizing the group travel scene right now. With bus.com, you can rent a rent a charter bus as easily as you can rent a Uber or Lyft from your Phone. The site makes it extremely easy to organize transportation for group vacations, road trips, sports team tours, field trips etcetera. They also offer self drive minibus rental, which is great for large families that do not own their own minibus. If you enjoy the experience of driving a minibus and are thinking of upgrading the family transports to a minibus, you should take time out to check out the type and price of insurance required.  This article by compareminibusinsurance should provide all the details to get started on your buying and insuring your very own minibus.


But what exactly is bus.com?

The site, simply put, is the Uber of bus services. It lets you rent boys of buses online escape all the long wait than professionalism and distress of renting a bus for a trip. Kyle Boulay and Wolf Kohlberg are the founders put this revolutionary website. They met by accident a few years ago who stop. Both of them had experience in the field of transportation stop. Together, by combining their experiences, the build a website which was initially called bed share the bus. It was meant to make remote areas more accessible to people. Since then it has grown to what bus.com is now. Their office has been upgraded. They have employed more people. And have managed to build a $15,000,000 business venture through fundraising.

Does bus.com only allow you to rent coach buses?

No, it does not. In fact it has several more options to choose from depending on the number of guests, the distance and where you will be going. Depending on such factors depending on search factors, you can choose a minibus, mini coach, school bus, a coach bus or even a party bus.

The minibus

This bus can seat about 21 passengers. It is compact but has ample space to comfortably accommodate a small group of people. This one is usually meant for short trips. The inside of the minibus is air conditioned. Some of these even come with TV and DVD players. The minibus versus specially well for family road trips, especially for large families with multiple children. You can also use it when travelling to conferences with your colleagues or when a large group is going to an event like a wedding.

The mini coach

This is a medium size Beagle vehicle that can comfortably accommodate a little over 30 people. The inside of this bus is air conditioned and has Wi-Fi. The seats are comfortably cushioned and there are overhead bins to store luggage in. This bus is perfect for transporting a small number of people, be it for shorter or long distances. So, if you are planning as class field trip or need to transport a sports team, this is the perfect bus for you.

The school bus

The cheapest of them all, the school buses seat a rather large number of people. So, if you are travelling with about 40-50 people, these buses are the way to go. The seats are pretty comfortable but hardly luxurious. There is no WIFI or air conditioning but it does get you to your destination at way cheaper rates so they might be the best choice when you are travelling with your group of friends and want to save money.

Coach Buses

These are the most of luxurious buses of them all. They come with around 55 reclining seats, ample baggage storage space, AC, WIFI, plug points and even restrooms. Coach buses are the perfect option to go for when you are planning a trip that lasts longer and covers a large distance while at it. These buses make sure everyone gets ample amount of space and comfort and has leg space for days

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