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Teach Kids About Fighting Germs

Parents will always want the best for their children, especially on things that are important while growing up. The best education, the best learning toys, best clothes, and other things are sought out by parents, especially first-time parents who are still learning the basics of parenting. Proper nutrition is also important for a child in order to grow up strong and less likely to get sick.

No parents want their child to have a medical condition that can affect the quality of life. Hands-on parents even use specialized products such as Hibiclens soap in order to make sure that their kids will encounter sickness. Supplements such as vitamins, especially those rich in Vitamin C are usually given at an early age in order to improve the immune system and keeps infections away.

When a child starts school, there are going to be germs aplenty. Just think of all the things that a child will touch when they are at school. If they do not wash their hands when they come home, those germs are going to be spread everywhere in your home. No one wants to be paranoid about germs and bacteria, but keepings hands and areas clean is really important in battling illnesses.

How do we teach our family to do better with keeping hands clean. Always make sure they can reach the sink at home. Use a step stool if they are too short to reach the tap. Then make sure there is always soap in a dispenser that they can use. Teach them to wash with as warm of water as they can and then to dry their hands using a clean towel.

Have a discussion with kids about how germs are spread each day. Mention that there are five common ways germs are spread. These areas are the nose, mouth, or eyes to hands to others. When we sneeze, cough, or rub our eyes, the germs can spread to other family members or friends. Simply washing your hands can help prevent such illnesses as the common cold or eye infections.

We need to disinfect our space. We don’t need to spend all day spraying disinfectant on every surface of your house or desk at work, but, still, if someone in the family is sick, use one to wipe down high-traffic spots: computers, phones, doorknobs, and TV remotes.

Cold and flu germs can cling to fabric. When someone in your house is sick, you should replace cloth hand towels and dishrags with paper towels. Remove water glasses and add paper cups in the bathroom, too.

Also, teach kids to keep their distance. If possible, have them stay away from people who have a cold or the flu. If this isn’t possible because of a sick family member living at home, step up the hand-washing routine and use hand sanitizer.

Kids should be taught that when you are sick, you should stay home. If they go to school when they don’t feel well, they can make a lot of people sick. Although a cold or flu might not be a big deal for you or your children, it can be serious for people with weak immune systems like babies, the elderly, and anyone with a long-term health problem. Being in school while they’re sick isn’t good for them, either. It can make it harder for their body to fight off a cold. So do what’s best for you and everyone else. Have them take a couple of days off.

Though you cannot beat every germ out there, being smart with what you can do has its advantages. If you start to follow some of these practices explained above, you should see illnesses in your home happening less frequently.

You need to take care of yourself and you should teach your children these same principles. The experts agree that healthy living may help boost your immune system. So make sure you eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and fight those germs!





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  • My husband is an extreme germaphobe, so he has certainly taught both our daughters about germs. My daughter and I are just getting over a cold now. After being sick it makes extra cautious whenever we encounter areas that can be germy.


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