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Home Inspection: Checklist & Pre-Inspection Preparation Tips For Homeowners

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When you buy a home, it is important to know if there is any kind of flaws beforehand. It is not possible for a buyer to check every nook and corner for defects and hence hiring a home inspector is the best solution. The analyses provided by home inspectors vary from state to state. However, some of the basic NH state inspection checklists is as follows.

  • The inspectors assess the structural components such as roof, foundation, walls and floors.
  • The wall coverings, landscaping, driveway, windows, doors, sidewalks, fences, drainage, elevation and other exteriors are assessed.
  • The type of gutters, ventilation, framing and roof construction is checked.
  • Plumbing related checks include toilet condition, pipe materials, faucets, showers, taps, sinks and more.
  • Systems such as water heaters, air conditioning, sprinklers, ducts, chimney, water heaters and fireplace are assessed.
  • Electrical system checks include circuit breakers, panels, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, light fixtures, wiring types and so on.
  • Dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, smoke detectors and garbage disposal are inspected.
  • Garage, ceilings, walls, exterior window, slabs, doors, and vents.

Inspectors need to provide reports on defective items or if there is any service required. Also, they should check if there are issues concerned with health and safety, furnace malfunctioning, foundation problems and more. The inspection report is typically received within 48 hours by the homeowners.

Why should homeowners hire a certified home inspector?

There are many advantages of hiring a certified home inspector as they have the right skills and knowledge to prove their worth when the inspection takes place. If an inspector is not certified, the home buyers or sellers can be misinformed about many harmful conditions. One of the most useful home inspection tips for buyers is to choose a home inspector from a reputed company. If they are not skilled enough, there may be some mismatch in the report and they can omit many things.

Things a home inspector looks for during an inspection

A home inspector has a deep understanding of the systems and structural condition of homes. They look for issues related to safety such as smoke detectors which is often missing. The electrical wiring is not done properly, or the glass is broken, unsecured railings and decks, unsafe chimneys and more. They do not pay attention to the regular wear and tear items and also don’t assess systems that have no connection with home safety. A good home inspector looks for signs of bigger problems which may be present but not visible to others.

Preparations to be done by homeowners before a home inspection

If you are planning to sell your property and the buyer has hired an inspector, you need to ensure that the buyer has quick access to your home. This may include access to the attic, electrical panels, heating systems and more. As a seller, it’s not fair to hide any problems what’s already known to you. The home inspectors are well trained and can see it all. Whether it is a new paint coat on the wall or mould covered through boxes or a foundation crack, they can see and assess everything.

If a home inspector suspects that you are trying to hide something, they will try harder to know. The lawn should be mowed and steps and walkways shovelled depending on the weather conditions. Home inspectors provide service not only to buyers but sellers too. If the inspection is done beforehand, it helps sellers to sell the property with confidence. Also, homes can be sold faster if the inspection is done.



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