What is SSL Checker?

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Today we are going to talk about a very interesting and exciting topic that will increase your information regarding the use of the internet and its certifications. Most of us are not familiar with this term SSL checker as it is not common among us, and we don’t really use it in our daily routine. Today we will talk about what SSL certificate is and how can we check them, how do they actually work and about their validation. This article will help you understand the basic concept of SSL checker, and you will be able to search more about it after getting the basic information. So let us get started with today’s topic.


Establishment of Trust!

The most important part of setting up an online business is to create goodwill and a very trusted environment for customers and clients. You have to make a very professional and potential environment where people feel comfortable while making a purchase. The purpose of an SSL certificate is to create and maintain a complete pillar of trust on the basis of a secure connection. The secure connection is just as important as oxygen is important to every living being. When visitors are secure that their connection and their browser is secure, then they will obviously feel confident in moving to the next level.

SSL certificates basically have a pair of keys which are more commonly known as the public key and the other one as the private key. These keys are designed in such a way that they work together and form an encrypted connection. The certificate also has a very important content that is also known as the subject. The Subject is also said to be the identity of the website owner or the person whose name is the certificate. The SSL checker can provide you with all of this information on a website.

How Can a Person Get a Certificate?

It is very simple, but it is a detailed piece of work. First of all, you must create a request which is also known as the “create a certificate signing request or the CSR”. This request then gives you a private and a public key on your desired server. The CSR data and the details that you would send to the issuer of the Certificate authority will contain the public key, and they will form a very detailed sheet and database that will help them compare both the keys without any compromise. The CA would never see the private key, so you don’t have to worry about it as your information is completely safe.

Installation of The Certificate!

Once you are done with sending away the formalities, you must wait for the certificate to arrive. When the certificate arrives, you can install it on your server. All of the instructions step by step are given on the certificate with respect to the server and system you are going to install it on, and you can easily do so by reading the details on the certificate for your own system.

How Can You Check The SSL Certificate of a Website?

Well, this is a very important question and one that we were being asked a lot. People usually have trust issues while getting into the business or making a purchase online so today it is important that you know how to use SSL checker so that you can satisfy yourself with the security of the connection. Checking the SSL is not at all a problem today. You just have to find a good SSL checker program online that you can use on your browser. You just have to search for the best SSL checker online, and they will give you different results with different companies offering this service. You can choose the one you like and open it up.

After the page for SSL checker is opened, you will see that the bar will require a web address on it of the site you want to get the certificate information about. You can enter the address and press enter, and you will get all the details about the establishment of the site and the details about its security and ownership.




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