How to Freshen Up A Tired Living Space: 4 Easy (and Cheap!) Steps

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We’ve all had a room or two that we’ve neglected. A few years pass, and that one space you used to love gradually becomes a dumping ground for dirty laundry and lost dreams. Maybe you haven’t vacuumed the living room that you recarpeted in 2006 for two weeks. Or, maybe those cute signs you hung in the laundry room now irritate you. For whatever reason, that space in your home that used to bring you joy is now just another space you don’t feel like maintaining.

If any of this sounds like your home, chances are, you’ve got a “tired” room. Interior designers recommend updating a room’s decor about once every five to 10 years, but many of us go much longer without changing up the look. If it feels like your room has been the same for decades (even if it’s only been a few years), the day has come to make some changes.

Luckily, a few simple alterations can take any tired room from drab-ulous to fabulous. You don’t even need to undertake a huge renovation project to make an older room seem fresh and inviting again. If you’re hoping to breathe new life into a dying interior design, try any of these four expert tips and tricks:

1. Start With Repairs

If any part of your space is in mild disrepair, you’ll have trouble enjoying any beauty the room might have to offer. Put function before aesthetic, and break out the toolbox. Fix wobbly end tables, replace missing handles and knobs, and make sure every light bulb is in working order. If something is in really rough shape and can no longer be used, like your windows or sofa, consider getting a replacement. You’ll be surprised by how much you appreciate having a usable space again. Though such changes may be a bit expensive, they tend to pay off in the long run– in fact, window replacements can recoup 73% to 77% of their original cost if you choose to sell your home.

2. Try Rearranging Furniture

Once everything is fixed and fully functional, consider what furniture and belongings remain in the space. Sometimes, simply adjusting the layout of the room can help you appreciate it in an entirely new way. Rearranging furniture has other benefits, too. Over 52% of respondents said they worry about the sun fading their drapes, carpets, and other furnishings. By moving furniture around from time to time, you can ensure that no one side of your armchair or carpet becomes too discolored, and easily give the space a new look.

3. Take Something Out

Object overcrowding is a common design problem. Since the average American home has about 300,000 things in it, many households struggle to create rooms they feel good about amidst the clutter. Obviously, a room with too many knick-knacks won’t feel fresh and inviting. However, sometimes a single object or piece of furniture can improve the appearance and flow of a space. Try removing an item or two from the room in question. Your living room might suddenly feel breezy and open if you ditch the old, stained coffee table. Or, your tired-looking kitchen could seem like a whole new space, once you finally let go of that canister set you never use.

4. Rethink Colors

Finally, choosing new color accents can be simpler than painting a whole wall, but just as effective in transforming the space. Look for ways to coordinate new colors, and include specific hues in two or three different places in the room. For example, if you switch to forest-green curtains, balance the new color with a forest green throw pillow or lampshade elsewhere.

When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is spruce up a tired room. Luckily, these fixes can transform any outdated or drab space with minimal effort. Use these tips to fall back in love with your home, without spending a fortune in time or cash!


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