Three Essentials Things To Do Before Your Move Into Your New Home (Not After!)

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You’ve scoured the area and the internet. You’ve been to countless viewings, some of which were fantastic and others that were a total disaster! You’ve made an offer, sorted the financial side of things and are about to get the keys to your new home! Congratulations; the hard work is nearly all done.

The chances are that the second you get the keys you’ll be racing through the door. While this is totally understandable, it may be wise to hang on for a little while longer. There are certain tasks that will be much easier to tackle if you manage them in the right order.

With this in mind, here are the first three things you should consider doing before you move into your new house.

1 Clean the home

There is a good chance that the previous owners or tenants will have had to complete a proper clean of the home before they vacated. However, the quality of this clean can vary from home to home! It could be intact when you move in, or it may not be. So, before you do move any of your items in, clean the home thoroughly. Who does this will depend on time restraints, and on the size of the house. You may be able to do it yourself in just an afternoon. Alternatively, hire professional cleaning services. As there will be no furniture in the property at this point, the job will be easier. Therefore, you may not be charged as much, and they may be finished quicker as they can clean unhindered by objects.


2 Paint the walls

Moving in your beds, wardrobes and sofas, laying your floors and then painting your walls? Wrong order. Painting your walls should come first out of all of those things! That being said, don’t try and take on the task yourself. You will have more than enough to do that only you can do. Where you can give tasks to experts and outside agencies, do so. In this case, hire professional painting services to do the job. Even if all the big jobs are done, for now, give yourself a break! You deserve it; moving house is stressful. Painting the home before you move furniture in makes life easier for everyone. Also, paint the walls before you lay floors.


3 Meet the neighbors

In the first week of moving into your new home, there may be quite a bit of noise coming from inside. Though this will hopefully involve some champagne popping at some point, it may also involve other sounds. You may need to have builders, cleaners, painters, decorators and gardeners stop by to do work. Begin your time as neighbors well by warning your neighbors of these things. Take them a cake or a dish, introduce yourself and let them know when you’ll be having works done. They will understand, and will appreciate you taking the time to warn them in advance.


So, clean, paint, meet the neighbors… then the real fun begins. Congratulations on your new home!



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