Top 5 Simple Secrets for a Pest-Free Garden 

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If you own a garden, pests are the last thing you want to see around your plants. Rodents and insets are an essential part of the environment since they are responsible for natural processes such as pollination. However, these animals become pests once they cause harmful effects to the plants in your garden.

The damages caused by pests vary from one plant to another, depending on how a particular animal feeds. For example, if you notice ragged edges or holes on the plants’ leaves in the garden, it means you have a caterpillar or grasshopper problem.

It can be challenging to maintain your beautiful garden if you have a pest problem. However, there are plenty of pest control options at your disposal in the market today. You need to choose the best pest control method as the first step towards restoring your garden to its initial state. Below are some tips for a pest-free garden.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services

Some pests can prove challenging to eradicate, especially if you have no experience with pest control. In that case, it is always a good idea to hire a professional to eliminate pests. Some of the advantages you can enjoy when hiring professional pest control services are time-saving and efficiency.

Apart from the few mentioned above, there are plenty of other reasons you need to hire professional pest control services. Pest control services are in high demand around the globe today. Due to that reason, there are various companies such as Excel Pest control service that you can contact if you are facing pest infestation. 

Proper Spacing of Plants in the Garden

Proper spacing of plants as a pest control technique is an example of cultural controls. They are the oldest methods that you can use to manage pests’ populations, plus they have less environmental effects. Advancements in technology have brought along the development of synthetic pesticides that have led to the abandonment of the cultural pest control techniques such as proper spacing.

Most garden owners do not consider proper spacing as an option for pest control since it is more of a preventive technique than a curative method. Additionally, cultural controls such as appropriate spacing of plants require long-range planning; hence, they are only useful for garden owners who know the plants’ spacing related to various pests’ feeding habits.

You need to plan earlier if you are interested in using spacing or any other cultural pest control methods on your garden. The spacing of plants in your garden depends on the type of plants and the type of pests that are more likely to cause you trouble. For the best results, you need to seek an expert’s help or research properly about the plants you plan to grow in your garden.

Introducing Biological Pest Control Techniques

If you are short on finances, you should go for biological pest control methods. Biological pest control involves importation, augmentation, and conservation of the pests’ natural enemy in the hope of achieving control. These pests’ natural enemies are known as biological control agents. Biological control agents range from predators to pathogens and parasitoids.

If you have a heavily infested garden, it is advisable to consider an inductive/augmentation strategy, where you introduce a large population of the biological control agents. A large population of biological control agents ensures you get rid of pests faster and salvage whatever remains of your garden.

Harvest on Time

Falling behind on your harvest can be the reason why you are having a pest problem in the first place. Overripe fruits or vegetables are an easy mark for pests, especially if they are plopping to the ground. You should also ensure you properly dispose of fruits and vegetables that have fallen in your garden. 


Keeping your garden pest-free is not a difficult job, provided you find a suitable and effective pest control technique. Hiring a pest control expert and employing various cultural control techniques can eradicate different kinds of pests effectively. You can apply the methods mentioned above and any other pest control methods that effectively control pests. The key to a pest-free garden is choosing the best pest control method for you while considering the damage’s cost and extent.


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