Can I Make Good Money as a Real Estate Agent?

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Real estate agents’ partner with brokers to help clients buy, sell, or rent a residential, commercial, farm, or other property. They are responsible for seeking potential customers, advising them on prices or market conditions, comparing properties for sale, promoting property sales, presenting offers, and evaluating all negotiations for a successful sale.

Whilst there is potential to earn a good salary, there is financial risk involved if they are accused of professional negligence.  If a real estate agent is accused of giving bad advice, poor planning, delivery failure, or other professional mistakes, omissions, or negligence a. professional liability insurance policy will help protect them financially. Check this website for more information.

In the first year

Real estate agents enter the profession with varying levels of education and motivation from all walks of life, and this exercises a powerful influence on their income. Many real estate agents earn very little during the first year, mostly because they fail to learn the industry while developing a client base. They will rely on happy customer referrals to continue to build their company and discover new ways to attract customers.

As an average real estate agent

The median real estate agent income is around $52,870 for real estate agents working in a real estate office. Federally licensed real estate agents see an average annual salary of $75,930, and those working in residential building construction can hope to get about $54,090.

As a top real estate agent

More than the average real estate agent, top producers earn a lot and would have to sell at least one home a month. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, top producers receive around $112,000 a year, and more successful ones can earn up to $500,000 a year.

How much real estate agents receive depends on how many transactions they complete, how much fee they pay to the company, and how much they share with the sponsoring broker. Usually, agents who just start out receive a low split of the commission while learning the business. Receiving about 60 percent of the fee paid to the broker is not uncommon for a first-year trader. In addition to buyer-broker agreements that allow direct payment to a buyer’s broker, most real estate agents are paid through a seller and listing agent-signed listing agreement with the agent signing on the brokerage’s behalf.

Highest and least paying states

While it depends on which sector the agent is working in, some states pay more for this work. The best states to be in while working as a real estate agent are New York, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Rhode Island, California, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Virginia, and Colorado. The states where real estate agents earn the least are Ohio, Arkansas, Montana, Indiana, West Virginia, Connecticut, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska, and Kansas.




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