Why A Biker Needs A Custom Patch

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Bikers need custom motorcycle patches for their vests or jackets because they like to mark the clubs they belong to and the places that they have been. You cannot buy patches like this at a store, but you can have them made online with designs that you might have created on your own. Look at what happens when you get a custom patch for that latest trip you went on.

You Can Mark The Places You Have Been

Custom motorcycle patches can be made for specific places you have been that are not necessarily on any roadmap. It is hard to find patches in gift shops in the modern day, but you can have a patch made for a specific town or monument you visited. You could have had a special event patch made that will commemorate an event that is unique to you or your group.

Distance And Runs

You could have a patch made to show the long run that you made. You might have taken a ride with your group from Boston to Sturgis, and you can show off that ride in the patch. You can have any background you want for the patch, and it will be very obvious that that patch was custom-made because it has a design that you cannot find in any store.


You could have patches made for the highways that you have been on, or you could have special patches made that show that you ran the length of a particular highway. This is something that you can do when you take the big rides like 95 down the east coast, the PCH on the west coast, 75 from Canada to Florida, and 40 from the east to the west. These are fun patches to make, and they provide you with a way to show that you are well-traveled.

The Clubs

You could belong to different motorcycle clubs depending on what sort of bike you ride and who you are friends with. You can have your patches made for the club at any time, and you can have the club patch reflect the logo that you had made for the club. This is a very easy thing for you to do, and it can be verified online before a large batch is made.

It Says A Story!

Your motorcycle patches can show off a wonderful history of riding that people will want to hear more about. You can show people where you have been, the people that you ride with, and you might even have a memory patch made for someone who was on the road with you but has tragically passed on. Your jacket or vest becomes a patchwork of your travel history. If you are a biker, you have got to visit totalcustompatches.com to check out how they can take care of creating a custom patch that speaks your style. Submit your custom patch design at totalcustompatches.com.



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