Need a new mattress? Here is what you need to know

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When purchasing a mattress, most people go with their gut. They try several items and buy the one that feels most comfortable.

While testing is a big part of the process, you should also buy with your head. Mattress products vary significantly when it comes to features and most importantly, back support. You don’t want to buy something that will be bad for your spine, right?

This is why we at Our Sleep Guide have created this short mattress review. It’s much better to do a quick research and buy an item that your back can appreciate for years to come.

Let’s dig in!

  1. Do your research

As previously mentioned, research is the most important part of the process. Mattresses are items that are used for a number of years so there is no point in buying something that you’re not 100 % sure will fit your needs. There is so much you can learn about these products online so it’s much better to take a few hours in order to make the right call.

  1. Doctor can always help you

Proper mattress is the cornerstone of your lumbar health. Sometimes, a product may seem good on paper but can, in fact, have a disastrous effect. Believe it or not, specialists have a lot of knowledge about mattresses and what can help in your case. So don’t be shy and ask for an advice from a professional.

  1. Try it yourself

Needless to say, a one-time test is not enough to determine whether a mattress is a right fit for you. However, it helps with the elimination. If something feels really awkward, you can scratch from your list. In fact, testing can help you determine what kind of softness you need and what type of model would be ideal for your particular case.

  1. Firmness is not always ideal

In theory, firm mattresses are great for people with bad back. But this isn’t always true. Different items provide different support to various areas of the back. Ask which product is best for your particular problem as you don’t wish to buy blindly.

  1. If not certain, go with adjustable

Certain mattresses can be adjusted according to your needs. For example, air mattresses can become more or less firm. Similarly, there are beds which can be elevated. All of that can have an impact on your choice. Again, perhaps the best option is to try out before buying.

  1. Always buy in a mattress store

Now, that doesn’t mean that department stores don’t have good mattresses. It just means that it’s much better purchasing from people who specialize in the product. Consulting with a salesman can be important for your purchase. If you’re not certain regarding your needs, a proficient veteran can definitely give you a relevant advice.

  1. Buy mattresses from reputable companies

If something is recognized as a popular brand, that doesn’t mean they are the best solution. However, they are most likely optimal. Big companies get lots of attention. This means there will be a lot of reviews talking about their mattresses. In other words, you will be able to make a good assessment of whether or not this is the right thing for you. Big brands also have better warranties and call centers (usually). For example,

  1. Don’t buy untested products

There are lots of gimmicky items online. Industry is always changing and new models and product types are invented every year. Some of the items will be a success, some of them will flop. Make sure to buy those that are a sure shot.

  1. Check the warranty

Like with every item that needs to last for a long time, the warranty is the big part of the purchase. Buy from stores that give you a long protection. Always remember, warranties are also a testament of quality!

  1. Ask about return policy

Same thing as warranty. Mattress isn’t something that should be bought instantly. Instead, it is much better if you have the option of testing it beforehand. If you don’t like the product or even worse, if it’s causing back issues, you would like to have an option to return it.

With these 10 tips, your next mattress purchase will be a breeze!

Take your time, don’t rush it and make the right decision!



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