Make Rich Coffee at Home and Make The Best Coffee Grind without a Grinder

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Getting up and getting your day started can be such a drag and what is the most popular thing that can jump-start your day? That’s right! Coffee! A lot of people rely on coffee to help them kick off their activities for the day. Some people make their own coffee at home, Brewed Coffee Guide has complete details on it. Some get their daily coffee fix at their favorite coffee joint. However, the latter can take a toll on your expenses because a daily cafe coffee fixup can be a wee bit more expensive than that of what you brew at home. But sometimes we look for that very rich taste that you can only get in your local coffee shop – but you need to know that you can get the same rich taste at the comfort and convenience of your own home! And the key to this is properly grinding your little caffeine-infused beans!

Here are a few guidelines on how to properly ground your beans:
Of course, you have to source high-quality beans, and figure out the best taste for your liking. You should check out Gimoka Coffee, they harvest high-quality coffee beans!
The easiest way to grind your coffee into a perfect powdery finish is through a coffee grinder of course!

When No Grinder In Sight

If a coffee grinder is not available, here are a few things you can use in lieu of a coffee grinder (you can use any of these options alone): Mortal and Pestle, Standard Blender, A Rolling Pin, Hammer, A Knife, or you can even use a plastic bag or even your own hands!
Whatever the way you choose to grind your coffee beans, you should keep an eye on your grind consistency – this will help in the proper and equal extraction of the flavors from the coffee beans. An inconsistent and unequal grind has a tendency to have a chalky, overly powdery aftertaste.

From there you can brew your coffee the way you always brew it – on a kettle, on a pot or on your coffee machine! Properly ground and filtered coffee can get you that rich taste that you look for in your local cafe. And it all starts with a proper selection of your beans!

Cold or Hot?

Properly ground beans are also great for cold brewing coffee. Cold brew coffee is most popularly known for its sweetener aftertaste (compared to regularly brewed), and higher caffeine content. Cold brew coffee is also widely used for Intermittent Fasting. (Tip: Gimoka Coffee is also great for cold brewing!) Without cream and sugar, cold brew coffee is also effective for halting hunger, helping in fasting for Intermittent Fasting enthusiasts and practitioners.

So, start saving money by brewing and making your own coffee at home and enjoy your very own brew!


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