Top 5 Social Media Tools That Will Help You Make Your Mark in Marketing

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 Social media remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies available to startup businesses. With regular viewership and loyal consumers, social media platforms can go a long way toward increasing brand awareness and improved visibility, especially for small businesses on a limited budget. With its massive reach, it’s no wonder that nearly two-thirds of small businesses report that they are spending more time and energy on their social media marketing campaigns than they did last year. In fact, 43 percent of respondents said they spend six or more hours on social media marketing per week, and 25 percent state the number as closer to 10 hours a week.

If you want your social media marketing or social recruitment campaign to be effective, you’re going to need to invest time, but how you spend that time matters. Choosing the right tools can help you optimize the time you are expending, and, with a little help the right tools, you may find that social media will boost your overall visibility, increase your consumer numbers, and result in higher income overall.


If you’re looking to create custom links that can create consistency for your brand across every device and platform, you may want to consider Bitly. Bitly provides you with the tools to shorten any URL so that it fits across your social media channels. Use Bitly’s analytics to track individual links so that you can measure the effectiveness of your reach, understand your marketing campaign performance across teams, and identify effective channels. The information Bitly collects will allow you to make timely decisions about changes you may want to make to your marketing campaign.


This free app allows you to optimize images so that they load more quickly and consume less disk space. Many small businesses utilize a great deal of visual content such as images on blogs, photos on Instagram, and product photos on websites. This app will be a useful tool that allows you to compress your images. What’s more, the app’s drag-and-drop features does its own thing, so you no longer need to resave an image. The image file name is kept the same even after the special squeeze has been applied, allowing you to work quickly and easily with a load of graphics.


Another amazing image tool is Visage. Every business needs optimized photos and graphics s that are perfectly suited and adjusted for each social media platform. Visage allows you to manage and modify your brand’s style. You can use its approved graphics templates to improve consistency across your designs, and updating and remixing graphics over time in collaboration with your entire team has never been easier. You can use almost all of your other favorite graphics tools and apps along with Visage, making the process of developing a visual marketing campaign seamless.

 Magic Social. 

If you want a fully managed service that will help you grow your Instagram following, look closely at Magic Social. Simply sign up by responding to a few growth questions, and let the team of experts take it from there. They will help you determine how best to target your ideal audience, and use hashtags, usernames, or locations to begin selecting users in just about any industry out there. This company does not offer fake followers or fake likes but works to provide you with followers that will interact with your social media posts, allowing you to grow your following organically and increase brand awareness across time. Most users see results within a couple of hours of signing up, and it only gets better from there.


Google has its own analytics, but if you want an alternative suite of tools that will help you make informed social media decisions based on based on analytics, Socialbakers may be for you. Measure your performance against your competitors’ and make decisions based on that information. Boost your customer acquisition, retention, and growth by discovering your target consumers’ wants, needs, and desires. Socialbakers allows you to create the content they will love and identify the influencers they trust, so making marketing decisions will be easier. Socialbakers utilizes artificial intelligence and can help you monitor and understand the conversations your consumers are having across social media platforms.

Remember that running a small business means not only providing a great service or product, it is also about increasing consumer awareness about your backstory and your brand.


What social media tools so you value most in your business? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.



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