6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Do you know how to increase the rate of Instagram engagement? How do you get more likes on your posts?

Likes on Instagram is the biggest currency mark as it rises; your post on Instagram can spread faster in the news feed of users. When you start getting more likes, it will make sure to get more exposure to your future posts. The algorithm of this post reveals more of what they have shown in the past.

With more likes, you can have a huge range of other advantages too, such as more followers, traffic, and people may keep an eye on the full account if they are interested in what you share.

If you plan properly, your Likes can be a vital factor of all the Instagram plan. To get the benefit of these things, you need to overview this guide that explains how you could get more likes on Instagram.


Share Photos that Work

Photos are most likely one of the most necessary elements of your Instagram strategy. People like to see visual content more often than written content. So, let’s start with them.

When you share a photo to get likes, think about why users will put like on your post. Have a look at your older posts and make an analysis to see which post got more likes and why.

If your account is new, or you have not posted anything before, then you must check out the accounts of your competitors and see what they are posting on their accounts. Once you have some approach into the phototypes that get Likes, you can make similar posts to share them.

Generally, two kinds of photos exist that you would like to share on the core Instagram feed. If you are sharing a photo by yourself, you can use a filter and make it ready for posting. According to a study, it was found that maximum contact you should have with your followers.

If you are sharing a photo that is designed earlier, you make sure to add some superimpose text such as a quote or a truth, or something enjoyable that will get you more likes. Generally, entertaining and practical content has better performance.

Use Call-to-Action and Hashtags

Did you ever use hashtags in the captions of your posts? If you really need likes, you must ask for them.

Some tweets get retweeted more often when people asked for re-tweets. However, if you need more likes on Instagram, you may have to ask for them. With just an easy message addition, like “Please like my post” in the caption, you can increase the number of likes. Placing the special text as superimpose text on the photo can help. You can also ask to leave comments under your posts or to share an opinion for a question you asked in a caption. If you are not seeing enough engagement under your posts, you can try a pro marketer tip and buy comments for IG from trusted companies. This will help you grow an account really quickly and become seen by the Instagram algorithm

Schedule Your Post at Best Times

It was found that posts get uploaded between 10 PM and 3 AM get the most connections. For this, lots of several reasons are there, but one important key thing you need to focus on is the engagement rate that gets higher when the contest is low. Less number of people post on their Instagram feed between 10 PM and 3 AM, and this means that there are not many posts contending against yours. It can increase their attention more and more. When ultimately, you successfully able to get more attention, the overall exposure will rise soon.

Share on Other Networks

Other social media networks help you get to boost your engagement level, and it would let you share the posts once again. With cross-sharing, you can direct your followers to the Instagram account to get more likes.

On Instagram, you can repeatedly share posts to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter when you post. It is not always useful as the posts are presented in a different way on every network based on photo and character limitations.

Like Other Posts

According to an expert, when you randomly hit likes on the posts of those you are not following, it was found that every 100 likes that made will give you about 21.7 likes and follows back. This policy constantly works even if you didn’t follow these people in reaction. Your business goal determines by this strategy, but it can be appealing to go through the popular feed on Instagram and the feeds of branded hashtags.

Win Contest With Likes and Tags

Do you like to win contests? It is an easy way to get engagement on the Instagram platform. For this kind of contest, you may need to post an image on Instagram and ask users to like the post you participate in. Undoubtedly, this is an easy way, and the majority of people likely think of doing so. If the reward is good, then you will most likely enjoy better engagement.

You can use some of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram posts. Don’t hesitate to try all of them gradually. Walk step by step, and don’t hurry up in any process. Each step has its own flow and shows the outcome according to the situation. You need to plan before finalizing it. Hopefully, all these things can help you get more likes on Instagram in 2020.


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