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5 Signs It Is Time To Change Your Vape Coil

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It often happens that vapers throw away their vape coils much before it is the right time to do it. It is very common among vapors who are beginners. It is good to know the right time when you can replace the coil so as to make the most of your coil. If you change the coil much before it is time to do so, it will turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run. Here are five signs you need to consider before you change the vape coil.

  1. Taste

This is the most important sign you will notice in your vaporiser. When you experience a slightly burnt taste, it is time to change your coil. The burnt taste is a huge indication that the time for replacement of the coil is near. There are many who prefer to clean the coil instead of replacing it.  Opting to continue vaping with the same coil will damage other parts of the tube as well.

  1.   Vapor

The second distinct sign is vapor. When you notice that people around you are enjoying large clouds from their vaporizer but you are unable to do the same, it is time to change the coil. The vapor will depend on the frequency of vaping and the device you use. Go through the DaVinci MIQRO Review before investing in a new device solely because of the vapor and the flavor. Get the right device for large clouds and flavorful hits.

  1.   E-liquid

When you use a brand new e-liquid but there is a burnt taste when you vape, it is a sign that the vape coil requires replacement. The taste might become awful at times. If there is nothing wrong with the e-juice but the taste is burnt, it is time to change the coil at the earliest.

  1.   Sound

If you do not notice the taste and vapor, you will definitely notice the sound. Whenever your vape tube begins producing a weird sound when you take a drag, you need to change the coil. If the sound continues even after replacement, it means that the tube needs a replacement. You will find numerous devices on Vape Nitro which will ensure an optimum vaping experience at all times. If you notice that the sound does not stop even after you have changed the tube and coil, you need to replace the device.

  1.   Leakage

If a coil has been in the vape for a very long time, it can lead to leaks and this is a sign you need to change it. You will have to open the tube and check it to find the cause of leakage.

Vaping needs some amount of research and you need to know how to use and maintain your device. It will help you save time and money in the long run. If you use the same device for many years at a stretch without changing the coil, you will not have a satisfying vaping experience.

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