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Buying a Massage Gun? 6 Things to Look For

Massage guns have risen significantly in popularity over the last several years. These percussive therapy tools utilize repetitive striking movements to administer an electric massage. Massage guns are a terrific way to soothe sore muscles, speed up muscle recovery, increase circulation, and provide some pain relief. 

With a large number of massage guns on the market, it can be tricky to know which model is best for you. Read on to discover important things to look for when you make the purchase. 


1. Power

The best massage gun for you may not be the most or least expensive model out there. Rather, it is likely the one with the right amount of power. Some manufacturers produce models with impressive speeds, while others have models that are softer and gentler for those who don’t require an intense massage. If your needs tend to shift from day to day, a massage gun with variable speeds is the likely answer. 

2. Features

While they all share many similarities, no two massage guns are built alike. Some are designed with long handles and sleek heads, while others are bulkier with a wider variety of head attachment options. Think about the areas of your body that will benefit most from a massage gun, and choose a model that will help you to reach and perform a massage with comfort and ease. 

3. Size

If you’re frequently on the road, you may want to bring your percussive massage gun with you. In this case, a more portable model would better suit your needs. However, some portable models, while smaller and easier to cart around, may not have as many features as a larger massage gun. Regardless of size, you may find that a massage gun that comes with a case to store the massager and the attachments is a good idea anyway, whether it ever leaves your bedroom or not. 

4. Battery

Nearly all massage guns are cordless, so that means they contain a rechargeable battery. Some of the more high-end massage guns are powerful, which means they run through batteries a lot quicker. If longevity is important to you, select a massager that boasts a lengthy battery life so you don’t have to worry as much about the tool dying on your mid-massage. 

5. Cost

Massage guns can be fairly expensive, especially for some of the more popular models on the market. However, a higher cost does not always translate to a higher quality. You typically get what you pay for, but some smaller companies have models that perform at least as well as some of the higher-end massage guns, and they’re certainly worth checking out. Always look into the reviews of each model, no matter what its price point. 

6. Company Policies

Before you purchase any massage gun, make sure you’ll be able to reach the company in the event of any issues with your product. Check the warranty to make sure you are covered in the event of any failures or problems with your massage gun, and take a look at how easy it is to register your product and reach out to customer care. These things could become incredibly important if you come to rely on your massage gun and are suddenly caught with a malfunctioning device. 

Ultimately, the right massage gun for you depends on your own personal preferences and the details of your unique lifestyle. One massage gun, while popular amongst avid runners or cross trainers, may not be best for someone with occasional muscle soreness. With enough research, you can find the percussive massager that best suits your body, your budget, and your way of life. 


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