7 Pod Vaping Tips and Tricks That No One Ever Tells You

Novice users find vaping a fun and far healthier option than smoking. And it is, but unlike smoking, which is relatively straightforward, vaping has a steeper learning curve. 

Thankfully, vaping devices have developed over the years to appear more user-friendly and straightforward enough for smoking novices to use.

Not every experienced user will let you in on the many tips and tricks that can enhance the vaping experience even more. So, things like knowing how to take more substantial hits or refilling a single-use pod may be unfamiliar. 

Today, we’ll reveal top-kept secrets on making the most out of your pod vape. Keep reading, and we’ll teach you how to become a vaping expert in no time!

Keeping a Clean Vaping Device

Many modern pod systems like Smok Novo X, Aquavape, or Geekvape Wenax H1 boast a design that is easy to use. Nonetheless, they require regular maintenance like any other vape product.

Keeping your device clean will significantly prolong its life. Not many are aware that the e-liquid can cause problems to the interior of the vape.

Namely, the e-liquid tends to pile up under the pod and eventually find its way to the inner parts. That may cause problems like the device seizing to operate or having unreliable performance.

To eliminate this problem, you can do one of the following:

  • Blow firmly and use the air pressure to push out any e-liquid that might have made its way into the vaping device. Be sure to use a paper towel at the bottom while blowing to catch the e-liquid;
  • Using a cotton bud, clean the inside of the pod compartment to soak up any liquid. Even if you can’t notice any, it is wise to clean this compartment regularly and maintain the interior electronic parts; 
  • If you’ve noticed a significant leak in your vape, seal it in a plastic bag filled with dry rice. The rice will soak up the moisture during the day and help you save your device.

Leave Room When Filling the Pod

A general rule is to leave some breathing room at the top when refilling the pod. The space is needed for the pod to form an internal vacuum, which prevents e-liquid leakage. If you fill the pod, you’ll push out the e-liquid when replacing the silicone or rubber. 

Single-Use Pods Are, in Fact, Refillable

The single-use pods may be convenient, and manufacturers prefer that customers use them only once, but the truth is that they are reusable. Instead of putting them in the trash and generating unnecessary waste, simply crack them open and refill them yourself.

It is a relatively simple process. Remove the mouthpiece from the pod top and look for the rubber stopper that prevents leakages. Take the stopper out, fill the pod with e-liquid, and assemble it back together. 

You may reuse the pod several times before you dispose of it, but even using it twice or three times is good for getting your money’s worth. 

Learn How to Get a Stronger Hit

Are you looking for a more potent hit, but the draw on your device feels airy and weak? Try using your finger to partially cover the pod’s intake vent while puffing. 

This will increase the pressure, reduce the airflow and give you a better hit. Regretfully, this process is possible only on refillable devices.

Gentle Puffs for More Vapor

Pod systems produce vapor when smoking using airflow sensors. For this reason, learning the best inhaling technique when using this type of device is essential. 

Vape devices are not cigarettes where you take a stronger draw to create more vapor—one of the most common fallacies regarding pod systems.

A stronger draw can cause problems like spitting, gurgling, and leaking due to sucking the e-liquid into the coil assembly. When using pods activated by inhaling, you use enough air pressure to turn on the indicator light.

Dry Hits Result From Air Bubbles

Air bubbles can disturb your vaping experience by preventing the normal flow of e-liquid through the heating coil. E-liquid is delivered from the reservoir to the coil through a pair of small silica wicks. 

During this process, air travels and bubbles around the wicks, causing the pod device with temperature protection to stop producing vapor or deliver weak hits. Devices with no temperature protection will have dry hits, but there is a solution. To pop the air bubbles, gently squeeze the sides of the pod or tap it on a flat surface. 

Banning of Pre-Filled Flavored Pods

In 2020, the US narrowed the selection of pre-filled e-cigarette pods to menthol and tobacco, banning all other flavors. The less known fact is that this is not true for bottled e-liquid. 

There isn’t much choice regarding pre-filled pods, but you can surely choose a flavor if you use refillable pod systems. 

Don’t limit yourself to a flavor you may not like. Rather than that, purchase a device designed for refilling and enjoying your favorite flavor or mix it up and have a new vaping experience every time.

Final Thoughts

Vaping can offer a lot to a user, and knowing all the tips and tricks can add more to the experience. Top-notch secrets are shared among a tight-knit group, which can sometimes be some of the most helpful information you’ll hear. 

No one likes being kept in the dark, so if you wish to elevate your vaping experience and adequately use and prolong the life of the vaping pod system, use the above tips and tricks.


Learn how your pod works, what are the weak spots and how you can properly maintain it. Of course, take potent puffs using one of the techniques described above. And don’t let anyone tell you again that you cannot use single-use pods repeatedly! 

Finally, don’t limit your choice of e-liquid. Take advantage of the thousands of flavors available, puff, and enjoy!



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