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Want To Enhance Your Vaping Experience? Use These Hacks.



E-cigarettes continue to be as popular as ever with those who want to quit smoking. Studies have found that those who choose to vape are more likely to beat their habit in comparison to those who don’t. However, there has also been a significant rise in people who don’t want to quit buying these devices too. Often this is due to them becoming bored of the cigarettes they have smoked for years. The available flavors provided by e-cigarette companies is also a big draw for new users. But buying an e-cigarette device does not guarantee you will enjoy using it or know how to use it to its full capacity. This is particularly common if you are a first-time vapor. Unfortunately, not getting the satisfaction you crave can lead you back to smoking cigarettes.

If you aren’t enjoying using your e-cigarette as much as you had hoped, don’t give up just yet. Here are some vaping hacks you can use to enhance and improve your experience all round.

Keep your battery charged

Your e-cigarettes battery is its main power source, and without a sufficient charge, it cannot work effectively. So to increase it’s longevity and efficiency, always ensure your e-cigarette is fully charged. This might seem like an obvious hack, but you would be surprised just how many vapors fail to do this. When your e-cigarette has run out of power, plug it into a power source and leave till fully charged. Its vital that you don’t allow your device’s batteries to become too over charged as this can cause overheating. It’s not unheard of for e-cigarette batteries to explode as a result of being left on charge for too long. So find out how long it takes to charge and keep a close eye on it.

In addition to charging the battery, you should also make sure it is cleaned regularly too. Sweat, saliva, and e-liquid can easily clog up your device, and its battery. This could make it difficult and unhygienic to use. How often you clean it will be strongly influenced by how much you use your e-cigarette. But once a week is a good rule of thumb to follow. When cleaning your device, only use dry tissues or Q-tips and products recommended in their instruction manual. Many vapors don’t realize that using some cleaning products can be damaging to the battery and vaporizer. This can significantly affect your experience when using it. So follow the cleaning instructions thoroughly to get the best results possible.


 Don’t mix e-liquids yourself

Some e-liquids are designed to be combined with others in order to create new tastes and flavors, you can always try out the black note e-juice liquid. But you shouldn’t do this without expert supervision. Many amateur vapors like the idea of mixing flavors together so will often try it themselves at home. Unfortunately, this can lead to them creating disgusting concoctions that don’t taste good at all. This is extremely off putting and has the potential to be dangerous too. Combining e-liquids together without the right expertise can lead to nicotine levels which are too high. Consumption of these e-liquid combinations can cause severe poisoning. Understandably, this can ruin your experience and stop you wanting to use your device altogether.

So if you want to combine e-liquids, always do plenty of research beforehand. There are plenty of online tutorials and videos that can help you get a better tasting result, while also ensuring you stay safe. You should also talk to the experts at an e-liquid store to help and guidance.

 Only use quality e-liquids

Buying inexpensive e-liquids might be making vaping more budget friendly. But they don’t always provide a good experience. Many stores both online and off will sell lower quality e-liquids at a cheap price to entice customers. In particular, those who are new to vaping with little experience of what they should be buying. These low-quality products might not taste as strongly as you had hoped. There is also the risk that they have not been created or tested to industry standards. This lack of testing could mean that consumption of these products is damaging to your health.

To ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible, you need to learn which e-liquids are of a high quality. You can do this by reading customer reviews online and by talking to the staff at an e-cigarette store. Always check the packaging before you buy to see where it was manufactured and tested too. Even though higher quality products can cost more, the richer and safer taste will make it worth your while.



 Upgrade your device

One of the most effective ways of improving your vaping experience is by upgrading your e-cigarette device. This is often most suitable for those who have been using the same device for a long time. If you aren’t happy with your vaping experience, it could be that your e-cigarette isn’t right for you. But if you upgrade and customize your e-cigarette, it can become more suitable to your vaping style. You can increase your battery, get a fuller flavor or make your e-cigarette more comfortable to use. There’s also ways of upgrading how your e-cigarette looks so it feels more in keeping with your personal style. All of these can make your vaping experience more personal, fun and creative.


There are many different vape mod styles for you to choose from, which can seem overwhelming if you’re just getting started. Look for mods designed for beginners, which involve basic upgrades to your device. This might be changing the style of your tank or adding a higher quality battery for instance. To help do this safely, look for guides online or use mod starter kits from e-cigarette stores.


By just making a few simple changes to how you use your e-cigarette, you’ll find the experience more enjoyable and satisfying. In addition to using these hacks, you should also revisit the store where you bought your device. Whether it was online or in a store, they should be able to provide further guidance on how to make the most of your device.




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