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4 Tips to Avoid Spilling E-Liquid All over Your Hands

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The newest and most effective way to enjoy smoking, without annoying the rest of the world, is using a Vape Pen. There are different styles of pens to choose from, starting with disposable and working your way up to refillable.

While single-use disposable Vape Pens are convenient, you may want to opt for the refillable style to experiment with a variety of flavors. You can browse hundreds of menthol/mint e liquids to find the one that is the most satisfying to your individual taste.

Additionally, you will be contributing to the reduced waste efforts to save the planet by using the same pen over and over again. The only issue may be the refilling method that can sometimes get on your hands, clothing and the floor.

Here are 4 Tips to Avoid Spilling E-Liquid All over Your Hands

  1.      Know Your Vape Pen and How to Fill It

Not all Vape Pens are the same, although they are similar when it comes to administering pleasurable smoking without the mess and unpleasant “dirt” of traditional cigarettes. Be sure to read the instructions on how to refill your Vape Pen before “winging” it and risking getting the liquid on your hands, clothing or elsewhere.

If the e-liquid does make it on to your hands, don’t panic, it is not going to cause harm if you wash your hands immediately and don’t allow the liquid to sit on your skin. If you don’t have soap and water, blot as much as you can off your hands and get near a sink as soon as possible.

  1.      Use Easy to Store Containers

There are many different options for storing your e-liquid besides the small canisters that the liquid often comes in. If you open the canister from the wrong end, you will end up with more of the “juice” on your hands and everywhere else, rather than in the Vape Pen.

You will want to purchase a container made of glass or plastic that is acid resistant. If you are in need of storing a large amount of e-liquid, opt for a glass container.

  1.      Use an Eye Dropper or Small Funnel

Using an eyedropper will give you more control over the amount of e-liquid you are putting into your pens and that will allow you to mitigate the amount of spillage. Adding a small funnel, specially made for Vape Pen refills, can increase the accuracy of filling the pens with virtually no leaking.

  1.      Take Care of Your Vape Pen

Be sure to take care of your Vape Pen by checking the seals on a regular basis. The rubber seals can crack and deteriorate over time and with constant use. This can lead to leaks. The rubber seals can be replaced so there is no more leaking, but they will wear down again with more use.

Smoking a Vape Pen that is reusable is good for the environment and can offer many different options in terms of flavors. Just be careful when filling the Vape Pen with the e-liquid, take your time and make sure not to spill it if you can.



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