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Efficiency on Wheels: 7 Criteria Based on Which You Should Select the Right Medical Cart for Your Needs

Medical carts can make or break a practice, depending on their functionality and how they can be equipped. From hospitals to doctors’ offices to dentists’ offices, there is no one medical cart that is standard for all uses. That’s why it’s important that you look for one that meets your needs, but also sports the basic criteria for being worth the money.

  1. They Have to be Maneuverable

A medical cart that is difficult to move is only going to give you more problems. You have to be able to move them easily or else there’s no point in using them. Having directional wheels is a big plus, as they tend to be less stiff. You may also want to choose bigger wheels for hospital carts so that they can roll over thresholds and not get stuck in gaps or crevices on the floor.

  1. Easy to Keep Organized

Drawers and cubbies mean everything. Medical carts need to be compact so that they can be stored easily, but they also have to have enough storage space to hold all of your equipment. Carts that aren’t organized are much more difficult to move around and you’ll have a tougher time finding what you’re looking for.

  1. Having Versatility

A medical cart that is rigid isn’t going to be much help when you’re treating different kinds of patients. Look for a cart that has adjustable heights to make it easier to reach patients in different stages of care. That will also make it easier for the cables of certain medical devices to reach more easily instead of being strained to the point of breaking.

  1. How Much it will Cost

Going for the most expensive cart may seem desirable but you could end up with a medical cart that doesn’t have much functionality. Focus first on what you need and want out of a cart and then find one that ticks as many of your boxes as possible.

  1. Design Is Important

If you’re considering getting a medical cart customize from scratch by a supplier, it would be a good idea to first consider the features and functions you want to get out of it. Do you want a medical cart with shelves and adjustable heights? Do you want extendable arms? Answering these questions can determine the kind of cart you get at the end.

  1. Examine Your Working Environment

If you’re working in a doctor’s office, you probably don’t need something as big and bulky as a crash cart in a hospital. Not only is the space much smaller, but you don’t have to wield around a cart carrying any and everything that you have in the office. Figure out what you need in each moment and find a cart that suits those needs.

  1. Check Battery Systems

Medical carts can’t be plugged into the wall 24/7 so having one with a well-functioning, long-lasting battery will help you stay more productive. Check to see what battery lives look like for certain models and choose one that suits your practice best, as well as whether you want a cart that needs to be charged or can have the battery swapped out for a charged one.

Choosing a medical cart shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming, as long as you know what you’re looking for. But it shouldn’t be a last-minute purchase either where you don’t know exactly what you’re getting until the last minute. Exercise some patience to examine what’s out there and find the one that’s right for your practice.



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